FAFS10829 Push

Push Sports Medical Knee Brace - Large (Size 4)

  • The knee is supported by a new development that mimics the old style hinges, these are called non-axial leaf springs i.e
  • The open patella or buttress will stop the kneecap from being pulled to either side by a tighter ligament on bending and straightening, which in time should allow the ligaments either side to become equally strong again
  • The kneecap is not exposed on this support but the properties of the gel filled buttress offer the same function as the more traditional open patella sleeves
  • With the moisture wicking, light weight, breathable material this is the ideal choice for sports people as a support for old and current injuries as well as protection to prevent any new injuries from occurring.
  • The idea of a specific 'hole' is that the kneecap stays central as the tracking can often be slightly off due to general wear and tear
  • The Push Med Knee Brace provides substantial support to the knee joint on both the inside and outside of the knee
  • there is no set pivot point but several layers of fibres that can all pass up and down each other to allow a really natural knee bend
  • This knee support will reduce the stresses and strains that can be placed on the knee joint everyday and during exercise but more importantly it will not allow any twisting or rotation to occur about the knee


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