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Pvc Flexible Hose 110 X 55mm 3 Metres


Product Description

  • Use flat channel ducting clips to fix ductwork to walls and ceilings and support ducting tube (Part: " DUCVKC230 ")
  • It is easy to fix
  • Flexible ducting offers an easy solution for running ducting around obstacles or in tight spaces where using rigid plastic ducting is unsuitable
  • KAIR SYSTEM 100 RECTANGULAR PVC FLEXIBLE HOSE 110 X 55MM - 3 METRES White PVC Flexible 110mm x 55mm x 3000mm Length (3 Metre) Ducting for use with extractor fans, cooker hoods, and tumble dryers
  • Looking for compatible ducting? Click here to view the full range of Kair 100mm Round / 110mm x 54mm Rectangular Ducting Products.
  • Made in the UK using high-quality PVC Material
  • It can be easily concealed due to its low profile
  • There are a wide variety of Kair connectors, clips, and tapes available to provide effective connections to the Kair Rigid Round and Rectangular ducting ranges to offer you greater flexibility in completing your install
  • Kair System 100 (SYS-100) Rectangular Ducting is designed for short duct runs
  • Seal joints if required using a method of your choice (Popular options include silicone sealant, solvent cement , or tape .)
  • It is perfect for installations requiring low extraction rates such as bathrooms, toilets, and utility rooms
  • It can be flush fitted against ceilings and walls and can be concealed above wall units or inside ceiling voids
  • Perfectly suited for ducting your Bathroom or Kitchen extractor fan, Hydroponics, In-Line Extract Fans, or Cooker Hood
  • Max / Min Temperature: +70c / -5c
  • This flexible hose can be used as a part of a long ductwork run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, air conditioning, positive pressure ventilators, HVAC, and Heat Recovery Systems

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