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Qi Organic Loose Leaf Chun Mee Tea - 100g

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  • One of China’s most popular exported teas, Chun Mee takes its name from the shape of the tea – long and rolled along the line of the leaf resembling the shape of an eyebrow
  • Qi Organic Loose Leaf Chun Mee Tea


Product Description

  • Achieving this distinctive shape requires great skill in pan firing.

    Chun Mee teas are mellow with a distinctive clear dark yellow colour.

    It is a very refreshing tea with hints of Plum and Chestnut


Inspired by the latest research on the health properties of Green Tea, Joe d’Armenia, the founder of the company embarked in 1997 on a voyage of discovery in China.

There are over one thousand tea gardens in China producing an even greater number of green tea varieties. Joe d’Armenia searched for organically certified tea gardens which produced teas which were rich in taste and aroma...

His search took him to the Yellow Mountain Region of China. An area of outstanding natural beauty which still remains today somewhat remote and unspoilt.

“I visit the tea gardens regularly. On average seven or eight times a year. My visits mean a lot to me. Not only because they are about friendship and partnership but also because they are the link between producers in China and consumers in the western world” (Joe d'Armenia)


Qi Herbal Health is different from most other tea companies of our size because we do not use tea traders or middlemen to source our teas, but deal directly with the farmers in China. In 2006 we opened our own blending and packing facility in the area of the tea gardens in Wuyuan County, China.

We brought in western expertise and the working procedures at the factory are based on high international standards with ISO certification. By doing everything ourselves, we have the ability to directly control the whole process, from the tea harvest, right through to the final product. This guarantees the teas we produce are of the highest quality with full traceability.

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