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Quest Beta Carotene 15mg - 30 Tablets

  • Antioxidant formula.
  • Quest Beta Carotene 15mg


Product Description

  • In excess, free radicals may contribute to cell and tissue damage.
  • Beta Carotene is thought to scavenge "free radicals" from the body

Nutrition Information

Beta Carotene 15 mg
Carrot Powder 100 mg


One tablet daily with a meal


Quest's Promise
To manufacture the finest quality nutritional supplements, to consistent standards, through technological innovation, research and careful selection of raw materials. To only develop, manufacture and market products which will make an actual difference to the health of our customers and have an established scientific platform in which our customers can trust. To increase awareness amongst the general public on the benefits of taking nutritional supplements.


When faced with shelves stacked with food supplements, it is difficult at first glance to know which product you should buy. At Quest we use only the finest ingredients together with modern technologies to produce and analyse our premium quality supplements, so the choice is made easier for you.

Standardised Herbs
Quest Standardised Herb Extracts offer a unique guarantee of purity, potency and quality at every stage of manufacture – even in the finished tablet. This gives users, from qualified practitioners to the general public, reliable and effective products.
Quest has developed pioneering methods (using TLC, HPLC and GC) of tablet analysis that ensure the extract contains all of the herb compounds in naturally occurring amounts plus a specified potency of selected active compounds in the final tablet.
Quest products are free from many of the known allergens and our labels provide a "free-from" list that enables you to identify suitable products.
All products are free from artificial preservatives, colours and flavours; added starch, sucrose, lactose or yeast. Most products are also wheat and therefore gluten-free.
Vegetarian / Vegan
Wherever possible we use ingredients that are not derived from animals, making the majority of our range suitable for vegetarians and vegans.
Free from Hydrogenated Fats
The Quest range is free from hydrogenated vegetable oil and stearic acid (a saturated fat) which are commonly used in supplement manufacture as lubricants and timed release agents. Hydrogenated fats have the identity of saturated fats in the body and have been linked with an increased risk of heart disease.
As part of our raw material selection procedure, Quest actively choose not to use any material that contains either the DNA or protein of genetically modified foods (soya or maize).
Balanced Formulations
Quest is careful to formulate balanced supplement products supported by authoritative scientific data. Where appropriate we include synergistic (or complementary) nutrients into our products to enhance the formulation - recreating the balance found in nature. For example, vitamin C with bioflavonoids, iron with B and C vitamins; copper with zinc and so on.
Timed Release
Quest are leaders in timed release technology having developed a process (patent applied for) using a blend of lecithin and vegetable cellulose as timed release agents.
Quest timed release formulations provide high levels of nutrients in one tablet which is slowly broken down in the body, releasing nutrients over a six hour period. Timed release allows for efficient usage of the B and C vitamins. Such formulations are suitable for those with active lifestyles, who have high nutrient requirements.
The majority of the Quest range is standard release and dissolve quickly in the gut. Such products are suitable for everyone and are particularly appropriate for those who are dieting, convalescing or have digestive problems.
Chelated Minerals
Quest use amino acid chelated minerals in tablet manufacture. Absorption of minerals is improved when a chelate (special bond) is formed between the mineral and an organic component such as an amino acid (building block for proteins).
Amino acid chelated minerals mimic nature’s efficient mineral absorption process, are highly bioavailable and well tolerated.

About Brand

Quest Vitamins is the leading manufacturer of vitamins, synergistic minerals, probiotics, standardised herbs, essential fatty acids, glucosamine sulphate and other supplements.

Their products have been created to make you feel good, whether you are looking for remedies to immediate health concerns, for long-term health or to support the function of your body.

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