QUIB10007 Quibbles

Quibbles Honey Assorted with Almonds - Pack of 12 x 100g

  • These nibbles have been created using premium nuts
  • Quibbles Honey Assorted with Almonds
  • The fab four coated in a caramelised honey glaze, love nothing more than singing 'We can work it out' while quibbling over a picnic and Pimms.


Product Description

  • Gourmet nuts for Connoisseurs!
    Sprinkled with honey
    Suitable for vegetarians
    All natural ingredients


Quibbles is a family affair run by quibbling siblings, Rhona and David.
We've always been completely nuts about nuts and started quibbling after searching for new flavours to savour. Restlessly questing for nibbling perfection, we realised that nothing out there would satisfy our demanding tastes. Snacks were plain. We wanted to do something different.
That's why we created delicious, healthy goodies to munch that don't leave orange neon mess on your fingers. We want people to enjoy a good quibble and be able to shake hands afterwards.
Quibbles was born and we've been roasting nuts, baking nibbles and quibbling amongst ourselves ever since. We founded our first Quibbles nuthouse in Battersea before moving to our somewhat nuttier new premises in Park Royal, London. You don't have to be mad to work here, but it helps if you're a little bit nuts.
We call them Quibbles because we're fussy about nibbles - using only the tastiest, finest quality premium ingredients, without artificial anything. To achieve a true Quibbles nibble we bake our nuts in their own oils, with all natural seasoning using traditional methods with a thoroughly modern twist.
The result is a titillating, tantalising treat. Light, tasty and crunchy - entirely free from artificial colours and preservatives.
And you can't quibble with that.
Well, you could but you'd be wrong.
Quibbles. Fussy about nibbles.

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