RDME10008 Quies

Quies Boules Natural Wax Ear Plugs - 8 pairs

  • Effective noise protection: Original Quies natural wax earplugs keep your hearing safe, with a noise reduction rating of 27dB.
  • Quies Boules Natural Wax Ear Plugs


Product Description

  • In fact, they are so comfortable that you may even forget you are wearing them! They are also highly malleable, conforming to the unique shape of your ear.
    Quies natural wax earplugs are perfect for prolonged wear, and should be discarded after each use.

    Material: A blend of mineral waxes and hypoallergenic cotton.
    Meets CEN (European Committee for Standardization) standard EN 352-2 for hearing protection devices.
  • Because they are made from natural wax, Quies wax earplugs warm to your body’s temperature and lightly condition the lining of your ear canal


While sleeping: use at home and on the go.
At work or while studying: improve concentration in noisy environments.
For music or loud noise: enjoy concerts safely and protect your ears when using heavy machinery.
In the cold: protect your ears from low temperatures.

1. Wash your hands. Remove the cotton packing and roll the earplugs between your hands to soften them.
2. Mould the earplugs to fit the shape of your ear canal.
3. Gently press the entire earplug into your ear.
4. Pull your earlobe back with the opposite hand to open the ear canal; this will allow any air to escape and prevent any buzzing or ringing in the ear during use.


Use only if your ears are clean and healthy.

Keep your earplugs in their case and store in a cool, dry place.


SNR (Single Number Rating) 27
H (High Level) 29
M (Medium Level) 23
L (Low Level) 21

First table:
- SNR is the Single Number Rating system used to rate overall noise attenuation properties; it is the average of all other measurements combined.
- H, M, and L stand for High, Medium, and Low frequencies.
The numbers 29, 23, and 21 denote the average noise attenuation in decibels for the high, medium, and low frequencies, respectively.
Frequency (Hz) 125 250 500 1000 2000 4000 8000
Average attenuation (dB) 25.6 22.5 23.9 25.5 34.7 40.3 39.8
Standard deviation (dB) 4.1 2.9 3.1 4.0 3.3 2.9 4.5
APV (dB) 21.5 19.6 20.8 21.5 31.4 37.4 35.3

Second table:
- Frequencies stated in Hertz (Hz): 7 frequencies tested (from 125 to 8,000 Hz)
- Noise attenuation stated in decibels (dB): For example, for a frequency of 125 Hz, noise is reduced by 25.6 dB.
- Standard deviation in decibels (dB): The difference between average noise attenuation and APV.
- APV, or Assumed Protection Value, in decibels (dB): Indicates noise attenuation quality. It is calculated mathematically.

The figures presented in these tables were obtained from tests run by the French National Institute for Research and Safety (INRS) according to CEN standard EN 352-2: 2002, which sets forth noise protection device standards and the testing methods used to check compliance with these standards.

Quies natural wax earplugs reduce noise by 27 dB.

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