KZOI10232 Radio Flyer

Radio Flyer Big Red Classic ATW Wagon

  • Our best selling Radio Flyer Wagon.Larger and deeper wagon with added all terrain wheels, this is a great wagon for being out and about over the woods with the children - or for carrying heavy objects, an excellent choice.The RF 180w is a wagon that is used to hard work. If your family enjoy the beach, rambling through the woods or countryside this wagon would be ideal! It can, however, still be used for lighter work - shopping trips and school runs. In the USA they are commonly used by post boys, in childrens adventure parks and in childrens hospital wards.All Terrain Wheels (ATW) are real air tyres ideal for country use giving a softer and quieter ride. They are 9cm (3.5 inches) wide and 25.5cm (10 inches) high.This new and improved ATW from Radio Flyer incorporates wooden sides and back for added safety when carrying children. The wooden sides do not have to be attached.An extra long handle for easy pulling which folds underneath for easy storage is finished with a patented no-pinch ball joint so little fingers can not get trapped.Length: 95cm (37 inches)Width: 47cm (18.5 inches)Tray: 15.5cm (6 inches)Wheels: 25.5cm (10 inches)

Product Description


Full sized, seamless, all steel body
No scratch edges
50% deeper tray than standard wagons
High sides for extra capacity
Natural wooden back and half sides
Real All Terrain Air Tyres
Extra long handle for easy pulling
Handle folds under for easy storage
No-pinch ball joint keeps fingers safe
Controlled turning radius prevents tipping
Weight capacity 120lbs (approx 9 stone or 55kg)

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Age Range

2 years - 6 years




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