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Rakusen's Traditional Matzos - 300g

  • A wholesome blend of fine English wheat flour and pure water.
  • Baked wheat crackers with slight nutty tones
  • Contains gluten
  • Produced in a factory which handles soya bran
  • Suitable for Vegans and Vegetarians


Product Description

Unlike other crackers, Rakusen's Matzos are simply a wholesome blend of fine English wheat flour and pure water.

Each Matzo is flame-baked in a traditional long oven for just sixty seconds to give them their incomparable crispness and subtle nutty flavour.

'Larger than average' cracker for people seeking a low fat and nutritious snack - 98% fat free.


Rakusen’s was founded at the turn of the century by Lloyd Rakusen. Lloyd Rakusen was a Jeweller by trade, and to this day a pocket watch shape is incorporated into the Company trademark. Each Passover he would bake Matzos in a back room of his house. His business prospered, and in the early 1930’s a large factory was built in Leeds, where he was joined by his sons.

Lloyd Rakusen died in 1944, and the business continued to be carried on by his family.

The Company now operates from a modern factory on the outskirts of Leeds, where it combines the most stringent demands of Kashrus with up to date methods of food production.

On site Religious Supervisors are in attendance all year round, to ensure all stages of production comply with Kosher Standards, before Rakusens products are distributed to shops and supermarkets throughout the world.

All Rakusens products continue to be approved by the London Beth Din and leading Ecclesiastical authorities in the United Kingdom and Abroad.

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