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Ramparts Board Game


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  • Now known as The Manhattan of the Middle Ages", San Gimignano was home to 72 large towers during the 12th and 13th Centuries, only 15 of which remain standing today
  • However, over time, the towers became symbols of status, prestige and power, so much so that it was decreed that none may be built exceeding the height of the City Hall.

    Rudi Hoffmann's Ramparts recreates this era by allowing you to participate in tower building competition against upto 3 other nobles
  • The noble who has built the most impressive collection of towers at the end of the game wins."
  • However, you must be careful with the towers' construction - just as in the San Giminano of old, your towers are not allowed to grow too high and only the family woth the coat of arms in their colour on top of the tower will earn prestige
  • These towers were originally built to offer powerful families protection from gangs and competing families of the aristocracy
  • Rudi Hoffmann's inspiration for Ramparts came from the great medieval towers of San Gimignano built in the Tuscany region of Italy
  • Your goal is to stack tiles bearing various coats of arms into tall towers and maneuver them into the most perstigious districts in town

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