LABD10007 Sentelle

Raspberry Patchouli 14oz Pillar Soy Candle - 3"x3"

  • Soy candles by Sentelle are:Clean Burning: They do not produce black soot that stains walls and home interiors.Long Lasting: Lasts 50% longer than conventional candles which means you get value for money.Have a Wonderful Scent Throw: When lit both the candle and the room smells divine and the candle smells as great at the bottom as it did at the top.Toxin-Free and non carcinogenic.Made from soy beans a Natural and Sustainable Source.


Product Description

  • It is 3” wide by 3” tall
  • This is an inspired combination of the sweetly fresh smell of sun ripened raspberries with the rich, earthy and woody aroma of patchouli
  • Together they blend to create a sensual scent that lingers long as the candle slowly melts
  • A 14oz solid 100% soy pillar in a pale crimson colour fragranced with the pure raspberry patchouli scent
  • This is the ideal fragrance for your bedroom or for your lounge. Burning time is 85 hours with a guaranteed strong consistent scent which fills the room.


Soy wax, fragrance.


The first time you burn your soy pillar should be for 4 hours or however long it takes to burn to the outer wall , this sets the memory burn . On subsequent occasions you can burn your soy pillar for how ever long you want.

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