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Raw Ecstasy Activated Almonds Salt - 70g

  • Raw Ecstasy Activated Almonds Salt are the ultimate raw snack! Upon activation our nuts become noticeably lighter, tastier, more nourishing, free of bitterness and deliciously more-ish.


Product Description

  • Nature’s defense mechanism for nuts and grains includes nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances (found for example as the bitter aftertaste of walnuts) that can be naturally removed by soaking
  • Nature has contrived so that the nut may survive (insects, microbes, animal predators, etc.) until proper growing conditions are present
  • These inhibitors and toxic substances include enzyme inhibitors, phytates (phytic acid), polyphenols (tannins), and goitrogens.

    Raw Ecstasy’s Activated Nuts have been long-soaked in a natural saline solution, then long dried at temperatures less than 55º
  • The method imitates how the native people in Central America, such as the Aztecs, treated their nuts and seeds by soaking them in seawater and then dehydrating them in the sun.

    Soaking nuts in warm water will neutralize these enzyme inhibitors and also encourage the production of beneficial enzymes
  • In turn, these enzymes increase many vitamins, especially B vitamins
  • Activated nuts and seeds become noticeably lighter, tastier, more nourishing, free of bitterness and markedly more-ish!
  • When it rains the nut, grain or seed gets wet (soaked) and can then germinate to produce a plant
  • This ensures optimum activation, preservation of nutrients and micro-organisms and detox of anti-nutrients.

    We soak our Nuts in Himalayan Crystal Salt which helps activate the enzymes that deactivate the enzyme inhibitors
  • So we are mimicking nature when we soak our nuts.

    Nutritional inhibitors and toxic substances found in nuts, grains and seeds are minimized or eliminated by soaking
  • It also makes these nuts much easier to digest and the nutrients will be more easily absorbed


Ingredients: *almonds, Himalayan crystal salt, water
*denotes produced to ecological standards and free from agro-chemicals.

About Brand

Raw Ecstasy originally established in 2004; was born out of a passion for alternative health and delicious food. We love combining ancient knowledge with exquisite flavours and recreating traditional recipes in a raw, sprouted angle.

Our products are handmade in London; with the intention to make our customers feel ecstastic; to enjoy all the pleasures of eating delicious food whilst feeling physically good afterwards due to our top- quality ingredients and truly raw techniques. Including dehydration instead of roasting and stonegrinding instead of using conventional metal grinders.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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