ACTN10003 Raw Ecstasy

Raw Ecstasy Activated Chocolate Almond Spread - 140g

  • Using a stone grinder ensures that the Activated Almonds and Criollo Cacao stay RAW as they are slowly ground in to a smooth unbeatably good chocolate spread
  • We use real chocolate (not just powder) that creates a rich chocolate experience
  • Raw Ecstasy Activated Chocolate Almond Spread


Product Description

  • You can even stir a tablespoon in to a hot drink to make a decadent hot chocolate.
  • Try drizzled on fruit salad or ice cream

About Brand

Raw Ecstasy originally established in 2004; was born out of a passion for alternative health and delicious food. We love combining ancient knowledge with exquisite flavours and recreating traditional recipes in a raw, sprouted angle.

Our products are handmade in London; with the intention to make our customers feel ecstastic; to enjoy all the pleasures of eating delicious food whilst feeling physically good afterwards due to our top- quality ingredients and truly raw techniques. Including dehydration instead of roasting and stonegrinding instead of using conventional metal grinders.

Manufactured by

Activated Nuts Ltd









Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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