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Ready, Set, Move - Classroom Activity Set - 3 - 7 Years

by Learning Resources

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  • Ready, Set, Move - Classroom Activity Set
  • Get your class ready for some fitness fun!
  • Stand on the coloured mats, roll the jumbo cubes to see which exercise to do and how many times, and get active!
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Product Description

  • Encourage kids to get active with this fast-paced activity set! Each child stands on one of the coloured foam circle mats Roll the jumbo inflatable dice to select an exercise and how many times to do it Each activity will get the children moving This activity set includes: 25 x 25cm foam circle mats in 5 bright colours: blue, red, green, yellow and purple 3 x 12cm inflatable cubes depicting exercises, colours and numbers Activity Guide


  • Ready, Set, Move Whole class or small group Take some time for some exercise! 1. Spread the mats around the room and have each student choose a mat to stand on. Make sure at least one of every color mat is used. 2. Roll all three cubes and call out what is rolled. Have students follow the directions on the cubes. For example, if you roll jumping jacks, 3, and red, then everyone on a red mat will do three jumping jacks. 3. If you roll the side of the color cube with all colors, then it is an ALL PLAY and all players do the exercise. Alternate Versions of Play: • Only use the exercise and number cubes and have the whole class or small group do all exercises. • Only use the exercise and color cubes and call out any number you want. Most exercise sets are about 10–15 repetitions. Ready, Set, Move Small group Practice simple addition facts! You will only use the color and number cubes for this activity. 1. Spread one mat of each color around the room and have each student choose a mat to stand on. 2. Have one student call out any number. 3. Roll the number cube. Add this number to the number that was called out. The teacher may want to announce the addition fact that has been created. 4. All students should mentally compute the sum. 5. Roll the color cube. The student standing on the color that was rolled announces their solution. Alternate Version of Play: • Play the same activity listed above, adapting for subtraction, multiplication, and division. Ready, Set, Group Whole class or small group Use the mats to create flexible groups in a fun way! 1. Have each student roll the color cube and take the matching color mat. 2. Tell students with the same color to form a group and start the activity of your choosing.


  • Learning Resources is a leading manufacturer of innovative, hands-on educational materials for classrooms worldwide and learning toys. For 25 years, Learning Resources has been a trusted source for teachers and parents for quality, award-winning educational products in math, science, language, language arts, reading, early childhood, measurement, Spanish, ELL and ESL teaching, time and money. Product brands include Reading Rods, Pretend & Play, Gears! Gears! Gears!, Power of Science, Three Bear Family and Cuisenaire Rods. Product types include games, puzzles, card games, bingo games, board games, floor mats, floor puzzles, wooden puzzles, classroom kits, electronics, books, reading manipulatives, math manipulatives, pocket charts, activity books, activity kits, science kits, creativity and fine motor skills.


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  • Learning Resources manufactures a wide range of award-winning toys and learning aids for children from two to twelve years. Most of our customers are teachers (or other educational practitioners) but many are also parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles; in fact anyone who wants to make a positive difference to a child's growth and development. Our company started in King's Lynn in Norfolk in 1994 in response to demand from European customers for the products made by our parent company Learning Resources Inc. of Vernon Hills, Illinois. For more than thirty years our American colleagues have been developing quality educational products that make learning exciting for children of all abilities. Together we create hands-on products that build a concrete foundation of skills through exploration, imagination and fun. Of course all of our products conform to all European safety standards so during the years Learning Resources has become The Brand Teachers Trust supplying teachers with educational products for early years education, maths and literacy learning, phonics (letters & sounds), reading, science, personal, social & health education (PSHE), and English as an Additional Language (EAL). Situated in the historic town of King's Lynn in the fine county of Norfolk, Learning Resources is a pleasant train journey from London, an hour's drive from Peterborough, Cambridge or Norwich and a stone's throw from the Queen's winter residence at Sandringham. She seldom visits us (OK, has never visited us) but you are welcome, just let us know you're coming! Learning Resources is the proud distributor of Educational Insights and Green Toys ranges.

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.