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Really Healthy Company Klamath Blue Green Algae - 130 Capsules

by Really Healthy Company

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  • Klamath Blue Green Algae® is the most nutrient-dense greenfood available for those seeking optimum health with wild wholefoods
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Product Description

    • Scientifically called Aphanizomenon flos-aquae (AFA), this species of blue-green algae has received serious media attention: Newsweek magazine reported a few years ago that this wild wholefood from Upper Klamath Lake is one of the fastest growing items in the health food market; it has been described in the British press as the greenfood supplement of choice by various high-profile personalities


  • If you are new to this product then we suggest you first try the capsules as the algae powder can be an acquired taste for some people. Most people will take two capsules (1g) of algae per day on an empty stomach with a glass of water, usually first thing in the morning. However, some have found Klamath Blue Green Algae® to be a powerful detoxifier, and so it is advisable to start with 1 capsule (½g) a day for the first week and then take 2 capsules (1g) a day thereafter, or as advised by your health practitioner.


  • The Really Healthy Company is a London-based health company that specializes in introducing leading-edge and research-based natural nutritional supplements into the UK and Europe. We started organically in 1995 — more from the directors' personal obsessions with natural health than as a business enterprise — introducing algae and other green foods into the UK retail markets. Since that time we have slowly and consciously built up our product line, choosing only products that we believe can make a real difference to our customers' lives, and products manufactured to the highest standards and which contain specialist natural and nutritional ingredients. (Selling products just for the sake of profit has never been our goal, and this business was not incubated from a dry business plan, but rather from the burning desire to promote natural health and nutritional solutions, and from the help and encouragement of kind people along the way.) Today, our product range is still relatively small, but we now have a large and loyal customer base, which includes many high-profile practitioners (including medical doctors), clinics and shops, and our products are available in some of the leading trade catalogues. The cornerstone of The Really Healthy Company's growth over the years has been our personal and professional service, and our commitment to natural health education — helping to sponsor speakers and conferences.


  • The surge in popularity of AFA blue green algae bears testimony to the wide spectrum of health benefits that people have experienced when taking the algae. And while vitamin and mineral supplements have become heavily promoted for nearly a half-century, wild greenfoods such as Klamath blue green algae are now becoming important components of leading-edge nutritional regimes. Healthcare practitioners - including physicians, naturopaths, homeopaths, acupuncturists and chiropractors - are using The Really Healthy Company's algae as part of their patients' nutritional regimes. Klamath Blue Green Algae® is a convenient wild wholefood - which grows without pesticides or artificial fertilizers. Many believe wholefood vitamins, minerals and other nutrients are better absorbed and utilized by the body, even when they are present in food-source quantities. Cool-dried to retain enzymatic and nutritional integrity. This also serves to highly concentrate its goodness, increasing its nutritional value by as much as 20 times. One of the only vegetarian sources of vitamin B12, providing 133% of the RDA. Contains 60% high quality protein. Highest beta-carotene content per gram of any food - a provitamin that boosts the immune system and scavenges free radicals that can cause oxidative damage in the body. Richest known source of chlorophyll, which can help our bodies in cell regeneration, blood purification and general detoxification. Its high nutrient content and low calorie count (4 calories per gram) make it compatible with weight-loss programs. Enzyme active for complete and easy absorption. Full spectrum of trace minerals. Source of fatty acids and nucleic acids. Klamath Blue Green Algae is toxin-free due to unique filtering and processing systems used only by our harvesters. AFA wild Klamath Blue Green Algae® is harvested from the highly mineralized Upper Klamath Lake in Oregon, USA, using a unique floating harvester, engineered with state-of-the-art screening and refrigeration systems. The algae then undergoes a gentle cool-drying process to not only retain nutrient integrity, but also to concentrate its goodness by up to 20 times. Every batch of the cool-dried algae is tested for purity by an independent laboratory, and the Oregon Department of Agriculture has a representative in the Klamath area that also conducts spontaneous sampling to further ensure all products meet the standards of food hygiene. In addition, the product has been examined here in the UK, and approved as a food.

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