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Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid With Docking Station

  • Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid With Docking Station

Product Description

Digital for undistorted clear sound
\r\nRechargeable - no fiddly batteries to replace
\r\nDiscreet and extremely comfortable
\r\n90% better than analogue hearing aids
\r\nAdjustable volume to suit your needs
\r\nHear a pin drop with the Tiny Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid
\r\nOur tiny but perfectly formed digital hearing aid uses the very latest technology to process sound by up to 90% faster than other traditional analogue models. Sharp, crystal clear sound is delivered through the small microchip in the hearing aid, automatically adjusting to the environment you’re in at an appropriate volume so you don’t have to miss a thing.
\r\nThe rechargeable digital hearing aid comes with its own convenient rechargeable docking station and handy carry case, making it ideal for travel so wherever you are, you’ll never have to worry about losing charge of your hearing aids ever again.
\r\nLasts for approximately 10 hours when fully charged

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