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Reflexa Therapeutic Socks for Diabetics

Product Description

Reflexa  Diabetic is one of the most scientifically advanced diabetic socks on the market today. Revolutionary fibres woven into the sock increase blood oxygen levels and help retain heat to keep feet warm.  They also feature a flat toe seam and are non-binding, to provide you with the maximum level of comfort possible.

CE Marking - Registered as a Class 1 Medical Device

Reflexa Diabetic help:

  • Helps increase vascular flow
  • Increase oxygen levels in the blood
  • Keep feet warmer
  • Promote comfort with non binding top and relaxed leg
  • Promote comfort with non-irritating and flat toe seam

Reflexa Diabetic contains the revolutionary new synthetic yarn called Celliant. By increasing oxygen levels in the body, Celliant has been clinically proven to relieve pain, promote quicker healing, heighten athletic performance and help to regulate body temperature.

To further address the specific needs of diabetic patients, Reflexa Diabetic has been engineered to be non-binding and also have a seamless toe. The extraordinary innovation and engineering behind Reflexa Diabetic has resulted in its acceptance by numerous prestigious organizations, including the American Podiatric Medical Association.

Products with Celliant were tested on atherosclerosis diabetics (often suffer from aching feet, leg pain, and slow wound healing) and after less than an hour, patients showed a statistically significant increase in oxygen levels (an 8% improvement in skin oxygenation).

Maintenance tips
To be able to use your pair of Reflexa Diabetic as long as possible, we recommend the following:
- wash at 30°C
- wash inside out
- wash on delicate program

Available sizes in either BLACK or WHITE colour:
SMALL-35/38 (UK 2.5-5)
MEDIUM-39/42 (UK 5.5-8)
LARGE-43/46 \r\n(UK 8.5-12)
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