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PFZC10000 Regaine

Regaine Women Regular Strength 2% Scalp Solution - 60ml

by Regaine
  • Regaine Women Regular Strength 2% Scalp Solution contains Minoxidil – the only clinically proven treatment applied direct to the scalp, to effectively treat women’s thinning hair.
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Product Description

    • The most common cause is hereditary hair loss (androgenetic alopecia) which causes 95% of women’s hair loss
    • Help stop hair thinning and regrow thicker, fuller hair
      1 in 4 women are affected by thinning hair
    • Regaine® for Women contains a 2% concentration of the active ingredient minoxidil
    • Why should I use Regaine® for Women?
      Regaine® for Women works by increasing the supply of blood and nutrients to your hair follicles, helping to strengthen existing hairs and encourage them to grow
    • It contains the active ingredient minoxidil, which has been shown to stabilise hair loss and can stimulate regrowth
    • Regaine® for Women is proven to help prevent further hair loss for 4 out of 5 women
    • This process produces thicker, longer, more visible hair, without affecting hormones
    • Results may be seen in as little as 16 weeks
    • The natural hair growth cycle is a slow process, and Regaine® for Women works in harmony with it
    • You won’t see results overnight but, when used as directed, together with a little patience, it has been clinically proven to be effective – particularly if you begin treatment soon after your hair has started to thin
    • Regaine® for Women is specially formulated containing Minoxidil – the only clinically proven treatment applied direct to the scalp, to treat women’s thinning hair
    • It has been shown to regrow some hair for 3 out of 5 within 32 weeks
    • It’s also the only hereditary hair loss treatment for women available without the need of a prescription


  • Reasons not to use Regaine® for Women
    Before starting treatment, you should work out the type of hair loss you have. If it’s hereditary, then Regaine® for Women could be the answer. In women, hereditary hair loss is characterised by a general thinning of your hair, particularly at the top and front of the scalp.

    Regaine® for Women should not be used if:
    - You are under 18 years of age
    - Your scalp is red, inflamed, irritated, infected, painful or shaven
    - Your hair loss is sudden or patchy
    - You have a problem with your blood pressure
    - You do not know why you are losing your hair (consult your doctor)
    - You have other conditions associated with hair loss
    - You are pregnant or breastfeeding

    If you have heart disease, angina or you are taking medication for blood pressure, check with your doctor first before using Regaine® for Women. Once you've determined that Regaine® for Women is right for you, you can begin treatment immediately.
    Possible side effects

    As with any medication, there may be some possible side effects when using Regaine® for Women.
    Minor side effects may include:
    - itching, redness, dryness, or flaking of the scalp
    If these occur, you should continue to use Regaine® for Women, but ask your doctor for advice.

    Rarer, more serious side effects include:
    - severe allergic reaction – difficulty breathing; closing of the throat; swelling of the lips, tongue, or face; or hives
    - chest pain and/ or irregular or very fast heartbeats
    - dizziness, lightheadedness or fainting
    If you experience these side effects, you should stop using Regaine® for Women immediately and seek emergency medical attention.


  • Regaine® for Women is easy to use but for the best results, it is important to apply it correctly and make it part of your daily routine. You need to apply it once in the morning and once in the evening about half an hour before you go to bed. Have a look at our Dos and Don'ts for some helpful hints.

    Applying Regaine® for Women solution
    1) Leave your hair and scalp to dry naturally.
    2) When dry, use a comb to part your hair where it is thinning.
    3) Using your preferred applicator, apply a single 1ml dose to the scalp where your hair is thinning.
    4) Massage it lightly into the affected area and leave the solution to dry.
    5) Comb and style your hair as normal.
    6) Remember to wash your hands afterwards.

    You need to apply Regaine® for Women twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening, leaving roughly 12 hours between applications. It’s best to do it about half an hour before going to bed to give it time to dry properly.


  • Is Regaine® for Women right for you?
    Regaine® for Women is suitable for all hair types and has been extensively tested as a solution for hereditary hair loss. The typical pattern of women’s hereditary hair loss is a continual widening of the centre parting. Take our Root of the Problem questionnaire to find out if your hair loss could be hereditary and treatable with Regaine® for Women.

    Does it work for everybody?
    No, there are several factors that will influence the results of Regaine® for Women, including:
    - The predominance of hereditary hair loss in your family
    - The length of time you’ve been losing your hair
    - The type of hair loss condition you have
    - The area of hair loss on your scalp

    What to expect
    Two to six weeks after starting treatment, you may notice you are losing more hair than before you started the treatment. Don’t let this worry you – this is actually completely normal and a positive sign that the treatment is working. It’s caused by your hair follicles shifting from a dormant phase to an active growing phase: as new hair growth begins, your old hairs are released and fall out. Find out more about what's happening to your hair.
    Continue to use Regaine® for Women twice a day, as directed, and your hair thinning should stabilise. And if you are looking for regrowth, some women see results in as little as sixteen weeks. But don't be disappointed if it takes longer; everyone is different and the effects vary from user to user. If you do start to regrow hair, it may not look like your normal hair at first. It will probably be soft, downy and barely visible. After continued treatment, 3 in 5 people will notice this new hair change and become the same colour and thickness as the rest of their hair.

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