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Respironics Innospire Mini Portable Compressor Nebuliser

  • Respironics Innospire Mini Portable Rechargeable Compressor Nebuliser

Product Description

The InnoSpire Mini can be powered by the traditional wall outlet or by an included rechargeable lithium ion battery which can operate the compressor for up to 90 minutes between charges.
\r\nThe InnoSpire Mini can also be powered by a 12V DC car adapter while on the move, its portability aiding patients to take their treatment virtually anytime and anywhere, at their convenience.
\r\nThe versatile InnoSpire Mini is also compliant with selected FAA environmental standards for airborne equipment.
\r\nCoupled with the SideStream Plus reusable handset, the InnoSpire Mini provides highly efficient aerosol therapy in fast treatment times.
\r\nCompact and lightweight
\r\nBattery powered
\r\nUp to 90 min autonomy when battery powered
\r\nCan be fully recharged in approximately 6 hours
\r\nMultiple charging options
\r\nIncluding rechargeable battery, 12V DC car adapter, AC adapter, unit carrying case and (4) spare filters
\r\nSideStream Plus Features:
\r\nEquipped with a low resistance valve to deliver fast treatments with less waste.
\r\nValve opens - Significantly less pressure is needed to open the inspiratory valve, making it ideal for weaker breathers
\r\nFilter - Our optional filter accessory also helps to reduce the unnecessary release of medication into the air, especially when nebulizing antibiotics.
\r\nPerformance data:
\r\nParticle Size MMAD 4.77μm
\r\nFine particle fraction 51.44%
\r\nTreatment time (2.5mL volume) 6.88 min
\r\nTechnical specifications:
\r\nCompressor max. pressure 207kPa (30psi)
\r\nAverage flow rate 3.4LPM @ 12.7psi
\r\nCompressor: 420g
\r\nBattery: 172g
\r\nSound level 50 ± 4 dBA
\r\nOperating temperature 5°C to 40°C
\r\nOperating humidity 10% RH to 95% RH
\r\nAccessories/replacement parts
\r\nInnoSpire Mini replacement air filter pack 1109488
\r\nSideStream Plus with mouthpiece reusable kit 1092001

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