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Respironics OptiChamber Diamond Chamber for Inhalers

  • OptiChamber Diamond Valved Holding Chamber helps your patients get the best part of their asthma inhaler medication in the most efficient way

Product Description

Clear anti-static material suspends the aerosol longer, meaning you have more time to inhale your medication
\r\nFlexible pMDI adapter - fits all metered dose inhalers
\r\nLow resistance valves allow you to breathe easily through the chamber
\r\nHigh flow whistle to aid proper inhalation technique
\r\nStepped mouthpiece for children and adults - better accommodates smaller mouths and helps children more easily graduate from mask to mouthpiece
\r\nFlat bottom maintains stability and prevents rolling when not in use
\r\nEasily disassembled and cleaned with warm water and mild liquid detergent
\r\nDetachable LiteTouch facemasks with soft-seal technology for a tight seal to reduce leakage yet rest gently on the face (sold separately)
\r\nOptiChamber Diamond is also ideal if you administer medication to someone else as the exhalation valve visually confirms exhalation, helping you count patient breaths and co-ordinate actuation.
\r\nOptiChamber Diamond is designed to be replaced after one year of use.
Detachable Masks
New multi-sized paediatric masks
Provide superior fit when treating infants and small children

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