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Respironics SideStream Plus Reusable Nebuliser Kit with Filters

  • Respironics SideStream Plus Reusable Nebuliser Kit with Filters

Product Description

A breath-enhanced nebuliser for use with antibiotics and steroids.
\r\nYou can rely on SideStream Plus to deliver fast and efficient aerosol drug delivery with less drug waste during exhalation.
\r\nThe low resistance valve is ideal for weaker-breathing users, including paediatric and elderly patients - the valve opens on inspiration to boost medication availability and closes on exhalation, preserving medication and reducing waste.
\r\nSideStream Plus is suitable for nebulising all commonly prescribed aerosol therapy medications, including bronchodilators, antibiotics and steroids.
\r\nOur included durable filter attachment (with disposable filter pads), or the optional aerosol hose, easily attach to SideStream Plus to help protect others from breathing in unnecessary medication; particularly important when nebulising antibiotics.

  • \r\nFast treatments in under five minutes
  • \r\nEfficient performance with reduced waste
  • \r\nReusable for up to 12 months
\r\nThis pack contains:
\r\nSideStream Plus handset
\r\nValved mouthpiece
\r\nNon-valved mouthpiece
\r\nAir supply tubing
\r\nValved tee piece
\r\nExpiratory filter holder
\r\nExpiratory filter pads (x10)

\r\n\r\nNote: if a mask is required for nebuliser treatment, replace the mouthpiece with a sealing mask, and ensure a valved tee piece is connected to the sealing mask
Also, SideStream Plus requires a compressor driving flow of at least 3.5 l/min - suitable for use with the PortaNeb and Inspiration Elite.

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