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LTDG10365 Actegy

Revitive iX Circulation Booster with IsoRocker

by Actegy
  • Revitive iX Circulation Booster with IsoRocker
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Product Description

  • Revive your day with REVITIVE
    \r\nEveryone at some point has suffered leg pain and discomfort. For many this may just be an inconvenience. For others, tired, aching, swollen legs may severely impact their quality of life and prevent them from leading an active lifestyle.
    \r\nREVITIVE Circulation Booster is a new medical device designed to alleviate the discomfort in the legs caused by poor circulation and improve overall leg health.
    \r\nPoor leg circulation When your leg muscles are inactive for long periods while standing or sitting, the blood flow in the leg veins slow significantly and consequently blood and fluid begin to pool. This pooling creates pressure in the leg veins, causing the feeling of tired, aching and heavy legs. Poor leg health circulation is not only due to a sedentary lifestyle. Underlying medical conditions, lifestyle factors and age can damage the leg veins and arteries to impair circulation.
    \r\nSigns of poor circulation may include:
    \r\n•Tired, aching or heavy-feeling legs
    \r\n•Swollen feet and ankles (sometimes referred to as oedema)
    \r\n•Cramping sensation in the buttocks, legs or feet
    \r\n•The feeling of pins and needles or numbness in the legs or feet
    \r\n•Your legs, feet, hands or arms feel cool and the skin may become discoloured
    \r\nWho is at risk of developing poor circulation?
    \r\nThere are certain factors that may increase your chances of developing poor circulation, including:
    \r\n•Being aged 50 or over
    \r\n•Certain conditions or illnesses may increase your chances of developing poor circulation. These could include Diabetes, Arthritis, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and high blood pressure
    \r\n•If you are immobile, for example wheelchair users, or if you are house or bed bound
    \r\n•If your family has a history of vascular disease, heart attack or strokes
    \r\n•Smoking or obesity
    \r\n•If you sit or stand for long periods at work or at home or have a generally sedentary or inactive lifestyle
    \r\nA healthy lifestyle may help reduce your susceptibility to poor circulation. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can all help maintain healthy circulation.
    \r\nHow does REVITIVE Circulation Booster work?
    \r\nREVITIVE Circulation Booster activates your circulation pump by applying proven Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to the soles of your feet through two large foot pads. This EMS makes the foot and calf muscles contract and relax to create a pumping action. Immediately, blood is actively pushed back up your legs, providing fast acting relief from aches, pains and swelling associated with poor circulation.
    \r\nREVITIVE IX is a Class IIa medical device, scientifically tested by independent clinical trials at King's College London and South Bank University. It uses electrical muscle stimulation technology, which is drug free, to help stimulate blood circulation.\r\nWho might use Revitive IX? If you are otherwise healthy, but:
    \r\n■ Sit for long periods at your desk.
    \r\n■ Are less active than you used to be.
    \r\n■ Have a sedentary or inactive lifestyle.
    \r\n■ Your work requires you to sit or stand for long periods
    \r\nthen you may want to consider using REVITIVE IX to see if it could help improve blood circulation.
    \r\nAfter consultation with your GP, REVITIVE IX may also help if you experience aches and swelling in your legs.
    \r\nThe REVITIVE IX:
    \r\n■ Can help increase circulation in the lower legs & feet
    \r\n■ Can help reduce swelling in the calves and feet.
    \r\n■ Can help alleviate minor aches in otherwise healthy people.
    \r\nREVITIVE Circulation Booster has been designed to easily fit into people' lifestyles. Not only is it a drug free device, it is also easy to use, employing a remote control and one touch controls. It is lightweight and portable, making it easy to store- for example, it should fit under a sofa when not in use.
    \r\nThe IsoRocker allows the REVITIVE IX to gently ‘rock’ back and forth creating involuntary ankle movement to replicate heel toe raises.
    \r\nWidePulse waveforms
    \r\nWidePulse waveforms are our latest breakthrough in circulation technology which results in a more comfortable feeling stimulation\r\n
    \r\nPack Contains:
    \r\nRevitive IX Device with IsoRocker and integrated handle
    \r\nRemote Control with 2 x AA batteries
    \r\n4 x TENS Electrode Pads and Dust Pad protectors
    \r\nAC/DC Mains Adaptor
    \r\nInstructions for Use
    \r\nHazards and Cautions
    \r\nRevitive is suitable for use by most healthy people. It is not suitable to be used if you:
    \r\n-Have a pacemaker or automatic implanted cardiac defibrillator (AICD).
    \r\n-Are in the first trimester of pregnancy.
    \r\n-Have an existing deep vein thrombosis (DVT) clot.
    \r\n-Are under 16 years of age.
    \r\n-Before use, please read the enclosed user manual carefully


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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.