CEDH10163 Ricola

Ricola Sugar Free Herb with Stevia - 45g

  • Ricola tradition is based on a consistent blend of 13 fine quality herbs to produce the world-famous Ricola original herbal sweets
  • Sore Throat Sweets.
  • Still to this day, the blend remains a well-kept secret
  • Ricola Sugar Free Herb with Stevia


Product Description

  • Excessive consumption may have a laxative effect.

    This product is considered gluten free under the Codex Standard and is therefore suited for persons with gluten intolerance.

    This product is considered lactose-free under the Swiss Foodstuff Ordinance and is suitable for persons with lactose intolerance
  • Polyols (polyhydric alcohols)
    This product contains polyols such as isomalt, sorbitol and sorbitol syrup


Content per herb drop (2.5g): Isomalt, extract (1%) of Ricola’s herb mixture, natural colour (plain caramel), sorbitol, sweetener (steviol glycosides), natural flavour (mint), menthol.

Suitable for vegetarians. This product is Kosher.

Nutrition Information

Per 100g: Energy 990kJ (235kcal) protein 0g, carbohydrates 98g (including sugars 0g, polyols 96g, starch 0g), fat 0g (including saturated fatty acids 0g); fibre 0g; sodium 0g.

1 drop (2.5g) = 25kJ (6kcal).


Traditional secret recipe in use for since 1940
Ricola original herbal sweets contain all the goodness of 13 herbs. This classic Ricola product has a distinctive cube shape and fine herb flavour. Since 1940, Ricola has been using a traditional blend of 13 fine quality herbs to produce this Swiss herb specialty to the same recipe: The blend of burnet, elder blossom, speedwell, peppermint, sage, marshmallow, thyme, lady’s mantle, horehound, plantain, cowslip, yarrow and mallow is appreciated by consumers worldwide for its mouthwateringly good taste.

The herbs for this delicious herbal sweet are cultivated in the Swiss mountains using organic farming methods without chemical pesticides.

Manufactured by

Cedar Health Ltd








5 out of 5
By Polly | Posted on: 21/07/2016

Great product

Nice fresh taste and sugar free. Also good for tickly coughs


Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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