TDGL10062 Rio

Rio 60 Second Pedicure

  • Gentle enough to be used daily, 60 Second Pedi is the ultimate at home foot pampering accessory
  • Rio 60 Second Pedicure
  • Use to buff away, hard, rough and dry skin in minutes leaving you with fabulously smooth feet that you'll want to show off.


Product Description

  • The replacable roller head with micro abrasive particles makes it quick and easy to remove tough skin, by exfoliating the foot through a gentle and safe rotating action
  • In no time at all you will start to see and feel the difference on your feet, skin is instantly left smoother and healthier
  • Featuring two speeds for even the roughest of skin.

    Two speeds
    Quick safe and easy- no scrapers or graters
    Replaceable micro abrasive roller head
    2 year guarantee

    60 Second Pedi unit
    2 x roller heads
    Cleaning brush
    Requires 3 x AAA batteries (not included)

    How to use

    Step 1
    Ensure that the skin on your feet is clean and completely dry
  • Do not apply to one area of skin for too long or it may cause discomfort
  • Note: Do not press too hard on the area or the roller will stop spinning.
    Step 5
    Switch off the unit by sliding the switch down to the off position.
  • Note: You should not use 60 Second Pedi Hard Skin Remover on broken skin.
    Step 2
    Turn the unit on by pressing the safety lock button in the centre of the on/off switch and pushing the switch up.
    Step 3
    Select the programme speed by pushing the switch half way up for low (1) and all the way up for high (2).
    Step 4
    Gently move the unit backwards and forwards over the area of hard or dry skin for 2-3 seconds at a time, stopping to check if you have achieved the desired result

Manufactured by

The Dezac Group Limited









Expected Despatch By 27/10/2016
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