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Rio Amazon D'Amor Catuaba 500mg - 60 Capsules

  • This famous Brazilian aphrodisiac is another tree bark and it comes from Anemopaegma mirandum, a Brazilian hardwood that flourishes in the north of the country.
  • Catuaba for couples of all ages, and as a general tonic


Product Description

  • Catuaba is a medium-sized, vigorous tree, known by two botanical names in Brazil, Anemopaegma Mirandum and Erthyroxylum Catuaba
  • In the state of Minas, there is a local saying that translates as the following; “Until a father reaches 60, the son is his; after that, the son is Catuaba’s".It is the tree bark that is used as a remedy for low energy and libido
  • In Brazil today Catuaba is still immensely popular with couples
  • Rio Catuaba is available in tea, or the popular vegicaps
  • Catuaba grows in the northern part of Brazil, the Amazon, Para, Pernambuco, Bahia, Maranhao, and Alagoas
  • The constituents found in Catuaba are many, and include alkaloids, tannins, aromatic oils and fatty resins, cyclolignans, and a chemical Brazilian scientists named Ioimbina
  • Like many South American herbs in use today, Catuaba has had a long history of use, and one that has been widespread
  • The Tupi Indians are credited with first discovering the qualities of this plant, and over the past centuries they have composed many songs praising its wonders, but its use is not restricted to just the Indigenous population
  • Urban dwellers have used Catuaba for generations
  • It has a vigorous habit, ousting other species to form forests of Catuaba, and the roots burst up through the surface a few yards from the trunk and then travel over ground before plunging down into the soil again.

    Family: Erythroxylaceae, Mirandum
    Genus: Erythroxylum, Anemopaegma Mirandum
    Species: Catuaba
    Common Names: Catuaba, Chuchuhuasha, Tatuaba, Pau De Reposta, Caramuru, Piratancara
    Part Used: Bark

    Catuaba is the name of one of the most famous of Brazilian herbs, known to the indigenous Tupi Indians as the 'tree of love' or the 'tree of togetherness'
  • It produces pretty yellow and orange flowers and small, dark yellow, oval-shaped inedible fruit
  • We recommend Catuaba for couples of all ages, and as a general tonic.


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