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Rio Amazon Yerba Mate Tea - 40 Teabags

  • Yerba Maté: a simply delicious way to improve your health and energy (and your figure), day by day.


Product Description

  • Across the whole of South America millions of men, women and children know Maté as a simple and effective way of staying in peak condition
  • Indeed it is hard to find a plant anywhere in the world that equals Maté in nutritional value
  • Yerba Maté is not only a tea
  • And the array of polyphenols has caught a lot of attention, as these plant complexes are valuable anti-oxidants, supporting the immune system, and overpowering the free radicals which are a natural result of cellular activity but also can destroy tissue and interrupt body systems
  • Maté is a tropical and sub-tropical relative of our European holly
  • It is ever-green and It needs high temperatures and high humidity, over a metre and half of rain per year! The leaves are gathered, dried, and shredded or powdered
  • Whichever way you choose, Yerba Maté is the jewel of the famous herb garden of Brazil
  • Besides being refreshing and stimulating, Maté is packed with nutrients and anti-oxidants: vitamins A, C and E, for instance, and many of the vitamins in the B complex
  • We have developed other forms to suit other life styles: Maté in powder form, for any drink that you can imagine, and the quick and convenient capsules which give you Maté energy on the fly
  • It is best not to use boiling water directly on the Maté as much of the goodness can be destroyed
  • slimmers who use Maté know its value and, even when they have reached their ideal weight, continue to enjoy Maté daily as a healthier alternative to tea and coffee
  • Yerba Maté is ideal for students, in the stressful turmoil of a developing career, and later in maturity many praise, among other things, their increased delight in sexual performance and enjoyment
  • It is rich in minerals – iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sulphur and silica among them
  • Many people soak the Maté first in a little cold water before adding the hot.
    While the stimulating effect is energising and light, the powerful anti-oxidant effect is also important when the body is under some stress
  • Scientists from the Pasteur Institute in Paris concluded that Maté contains practically all the vitamins necessary to maintain life
  • THIS BEAUTIFUL NATURAL TEA (pronounced yurba mah-tay) should become part of the daily ritual for anyone interested in maintaining optimum health

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5 out of 5
By Daisy | Posted on: 07/08/2014


This is my favourite Yerba Mate! I have tried many and this is the one of the best! Its a great coffee substitute... Wakes you up! Its wonderful for staying slim and is also very satisfying. I highly reccommend!!!

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