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Rio Classic Collection Crackle Design Nail Polish

  • Get the crackled look - apply over white or silver polish and in a few minutes the crackle will start to shatter and crack as it dries!
  • Rio Classic Collection Crackle Design Nail Polish


Product Description

  • Watch the black crackle shatter as it dries andreveals a chic crazed crackled look
  • The Crackle Classic look is simply achieved by applying black crackle polish over a base of either brilliant white or the sparkly silver
  • Use a thin coat to create a highly cracked effect or athicker coat to give a less shattered look.

    Two base polishes - Sparkly Silver or Brilliant White
    Black crackle polish
    Apply a thin coat for a highly cracked look or a thicker coat to give a less shattered appearance

    Treatment Areas:

    1 x black crackle polish
    2 x base colours
    2-in-1 varnish
    Nail prep
    Grit file
    Sanding block
    Hoof stick


How to use:

Step 1: Prepare the natural nail. This is the most important part of applying nail polish, if the nails are not correctly prepared the polish will not have a silky smooth salon finish and may not last as long. Full instructions for this step can be found in the downloadable pdf below.
Step 2: Apply your chosen base colour. Full instructions for this step can be found in the downloadable pdf below.
Step 3: Applying crackle polish. Remove applicator brush from the black crackle nail polish and remove excess by wiping one side of the brush against the neck of the bottle.You will achieve different results by applying either a thin, medium or thick even layer of crackle polish over the nail.
Step 4: Starting at the centre of the nail leaving a 1mm gap away from the cuticle, brush the polish towards the free edge in one smooth motion. Immediately proceed with the sides of the nail in the same manner.
Step 5: It is important to leave Crackle polish to dry for at least 30 minutes allowing the crackle effect to develop.
Step 6: Once polish is dry apply an even layer of 2-in-1 Varnish or your favourite topcoat, remembering to cap the free edge.


Rio is fast becoming one of the most popular brands offering salon treatments, technology and techniques for everyone to use and enjoy in their home. Saving money and time is always helpful, choosing when it suits you may be equally important.

With many treatments we provide step by step instructional DVDs containing helpful tips and advice directly from our salon trained beauticians. All this helps ensure you get the best and most professional results every time.

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The company behind Rio is The Dezac Group. The enthusiasm and support for Rio has enabled it to develop a range of complementary products each offering something different to the user.

Located in the heart of the Cotswolds, in the beautiful Spa town of Cheltenham, its landmark regency offices have recently been renovated, working with English Heritage and local planners to ensure the original features are unspoilt by the modern environmental renovations.

The Dezac Group won the coveted Business of the Year Award 2001. The Group was also a finalist for Environmental & Product Innovation Awards in 2000 & 2001 reflecting our philosophy of attention to detail, rethinking and questioning traditional methods and our strong eco-friendly stance.

Situated in the beautiful Royal Forest of Dean, our production facility exhibits state-of-the-art technology to help minimise it's impact on the environment.

Evident in each product is the quality, performance and styling you would expect from a UK company which manufactures in this very special location.

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