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Risotto Rice Super Fino Carnaroli, 1kg

  • Carnaroli is most commonly used to make risottos. It has a longer grain and higher starch content than Arborio, making for a looser, more creamy and delicate risotto. It is also firmer in texture than the more familiar Arborio grain with a richer, more robust flavour.Considered by many to be the finest risotto rice available, carnaroli is also the most forgiving to cook with as it can be left unstirred for a minute or two without detriment and has a generous window between being underdone and overcooked.

Product Description

To qualify for superfino classification the grain must be longer than 6.4mm. The finest producers of carnaroli rice is Ferron.Origin: Italy Carnaroli rice emerged after the Second World War when the Arborio grain was crossed with a Japanese rice to create this new variety.

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