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RJLI10003 Rj's Licorice

Rj's Licorice Allsorts - 280g

by Rj's Licorice

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  • Add a dash of coconut and you’ve got allsorts that stand out from all the other sorts.
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  • Caution : There is a small possibility of effecting electrolyte balance with extended use of large doses of licorice. It has an ACTH like effect causing retention of sodium thus raising BP. The whole herb has constituents that counter this but it is best to avoid Licorice if the patient has hypertension, kidney disease or during pregnancy.


  • RJ’s is proudly New Zealand owned and family operated. Being the only New Zealand manufacturer specialising soley in licorice in New Zealand.

    The key to RJ’s reputation is a strong focus on superior quality and innovative licorice products. Reflected in the licorice products manufactured, the RJ’s staff prides themselves on their preparation, hygiene and quality work environment. To be a market leader, RJ’s has to continually maintain its competitive edge. With an eye always directed at the international market, RJ’s knows that introducing new and innovative products is the key to staying on top.

    Each year, RJ’s produces assorted licorice products of which 55% is sold to the New Zealand market, giving RJ’s a healthy 51% market share.

    The main ingredients of licorice are flour, sugar, glucose, molasses, treacle, licorice and extract. As a branding concept, many of RJ’s traditional licorice products are referred to as herbal. This is because RJ’s only uses authentic licorice extract which comes from the root of the blue flowering snow pea plant (glyceriza glabra). This extract is 50 times sweeter than sugar – in fact strangely, it is so sweet that it is bitter. Licorice extract also has a wealth of medicinal qualities and has been used for that purpose for centuries.

    RJ’s are forever working towards lower fat content (approx 2%) coming from the rice bran oil which has many other health advantages along with low Salt and 0% cholesterol our confectionery is all about enjoyment and energy for life…in fact many sports people tell us they find the combination of the ingredients give them terrific energy to compete in their chosen sports.

    Licorice has, and always will be, known as a traditional confectionery. While RJ’s aims to keep that tradition alive, they also have plans for further innovations to add a new dynamic and dimension to a very well known brand.

    With strong family values, lateral thinking and creative minds, RJ’s will take its licorice well into the future.


  • Benefits

    Licorice: Liquorice, Yashtimadhu, Mithi-lakdi, Mulathi, Sweetwood, Licorice root
    Biological Name: Glycyzrrhiza glabra Leguminosae Known as the ‘Blue Flowering Snow Pea’ plant
    Parts used: Dried Root


    - Licorice is a traditional herbal remedy with an ancient history and world wide usage
    - Nearly two-thirds of all traditional formulas in Chinese Medicine contain Licorice
    - Hippocrates in the 4th century BC recommended licorice for the treatment of ulcers
    - Diosciodes a famous herbalist and surgeon who traveled with Nero’s armies in the 1st century AD, found that Licorice could be used to treat wounds and skin disease
    - Licorice roots have been found in the tombs of the Pharaohs attesting to the great respect for it’s healing abilities
    - One saying of an Arab Physician and philosopher, Avicenna is “the infused licorice purifies the voice and the trachea, and is useful in disorders and diets”

    Remedies for:

    - The major active ingredient glycyrrhizin was isolated and shown to have a cortisone-like action which explains its remarkable ability to reduce inflammation and speed the healing of ulcerated tissue
    - Glycyrrhizin contains a similar chemical structure to that of human steroid hormones
    - Today, naturopaths prescribe licorice for external ulcerous conditions such as burns, eczema and urticaria (which is swelling induced by poisonous plants or allergic reactions) and for internal ulcerous conditions such as bronchitis, sore throat and upper respiratory and gastro-intestinal tract infections
    - Licorice is currently being used in the research and treatment of hepatitis and HIV
    - The use of Licorice for urinary tract irritations is helpful by reducing the irritation and to speed healing plus helping to prevent the recurrence of the infection
    - Licorice can be used to counteract the side effects of steroid treatments and to prevent joint degeneration


    This herb is found in many countries. It is believed to give contentment and harmony.

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