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Robotanks Board Game


Product Description

  • Fire weapons, activate turrets and radar ..
  • so choose wisely
  • you can even make your tank self-destruct
  • This is the arena sport of the future! Program your tanks, then set them loose to destroy your enemies
  • Will you use a simple frontal assault wiht cannons and mortar - or a careful advance using targeting programs - or perhaps a confusing diversion using viruses and scanners ? Your tanks will repeat their original commands until you reprogram them ...
  • Don't forget to defend yourself though as the last surviving command post wins the game! Players operate a team of four tanks, each controlled by a stack of command cards that form the tanks repeating program
  • The cards can order tanks to move, turn, fire weapons or use special equipment
  • This game was originall published by Gamesmiths in 1992 and was out of print for several years
  • Fat Messiah reprinted it in 2001 - hurrah! The game includes a rule book, a 17 x 22" colour map, 96 program cards and some tank cutouts."

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12 years - 99 years




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