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RFCT16270 Roccat

Roccat Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard (ROC-12-722) - NA

by Roccat
  • ItÆs easy with the right tools
  • ThatÆs what we call legendary gaming
  • This means you can fire off orders without ever having to re-adjust your hand position û so you wonÆt have to take your eyes off the screen to look for keys
  • Combining the worldÆs smartest gaming engineering with jaw-dropping design, the ROCCAT Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard hands you the power to own any game the easy way -- and be legend
  • You can program up to an amazing 500 actions for each of the 180 macros û giving you the freedom to lay down any orders you can dream up
  • JUMP INTO THE FRAY RIGHT AWAY Save your favorite settings û button configurations, lighting level, DPI preference, etc
  • The IskuÆs optimized illumination also means itÆs perfect for avoiding eye strain during those long gaming sessions
  • Our ROCCAT scientists put three individually-programmable Thumbster macro keys right below the IskuÆs spacebar -- each easily activated with a quick thumb strike
  • Simply hit the dedicated Macro Live! Recording button and let the handy new Sound Feedback tool talk you through the quick and easy recording process, step by step
  • The 1000Hz polling rate also ensures ultra-fast keyboard response with no lag, so your commands are carried out instantaneously
  • When your game demands precise marksmanship in sniper mode, simply press and hold a single keyboard key and Easy-Aim will instantly optimize the DPI setting on your Kone[+]
  • Imagine the worldÆs best gaming mouse and the new king of gaming keyboards operating in perfect harmony û and doing your bidding on the battlefield
  • And advanced anti-ghosting technology means multiple keys can be depressed simultaneously -- making sure you can take full advantage of every complex command at your disposal
  • This groundbreaking technology works like a dream together with our exclusive Easy-Shift[+] technology
  • Perfect for casting a lightning-quick healing spell in the middle of a tough fight
  • This two-handed custom marksmanship is the simplest and most convenient way ever to achieve pinpoint sniping accuracy
  • BE IMPRESSED WITH EVERY PRESS The Isku boasts medium height keys with fully-optimized key architecture, giving you a perfect striking surface and ideal keystroke response -- for finger action that feels right every time
  • Unleash the gaming legend in you right away
  • And it also frees up a Kone[+] button for another macro of your choice
  • ThatÆs because our exclusive ROCCAT Talk protocol allows the Isku Illuminated Gaming Keyboard and the ROCCAT Kone[+] high-performance gaming mouse to talk to each other û giving you a powerful set bonus that lets you execute mouse macros quickly and easily right from your keyboard
  • Simply use the Easy-Shift[+] key on your Isku to activate macros for both your keyboard and mouse -- an ingenious short-cut that lets you concentrate more on your game and less on controls
  • The award-winning Macro Manager lets you record and fine-tune your macros with incredible precision -- and with intuitive ease thanks to a gorgeous and simple-to-use interface
  • And because the Easy-Shift[+] key works just like the standard shift key, activating your macros is as simple as typing an uppercase letter
  • The new Loop Function even lets you repeat your settings up to an incredible 255 times
  • And the Kone[+] / Isku partnership is just the beginning
  • The retractable gaming feet also position the Isku at the ideal gaming angle of 5.90 degrees û ensuring the quickest key activation and best typing comfort possible
  • ACT FASTER / CONQUER MORE Total gaming domination
  • HUNT YOUR PREY INSTEAD OF HUNTING FOR KEYS The Isku is the only keyboard in the world to feature our groundbreaking Easy-Shift[+] technology, which offers you the wonder of 36 easily-customizable macros strategically positioned in 3 spots in the easy-to-find WASD zone
  • Simple and ingenious
  • YouÆll always know which profile youÆve chosen thanks to 5 bright LED profile indicators
  • And the internationally-adored program even comes with presets for top games and office apps -- so you can enjoy your favorites with no wait
  • Its advanced granular surface also enables fast, yet controlled, lateral movement û for optimized play even during the most hectic battles
  • Or keep reading to see what you and the Isku can do: CREATE THE MOST FEARSOME ALLIANCE GAMING HAS EVER SEEN For the first time in gaming history your keyboard and mouse can team up to become an unstoppable fighting force û giving you the revolutionary power to command faster, easier and more effectively than ever before
  • GET YOUR THUMBS INTO THE FIGHT Are all your digits in? Now you can give your thumbs something useful to do instead of just hovering over the spacebar
  • Your Kone[+] will even signal you with a light flash every time itÆs chatting with the Isku û so youÆll know when the two are working together
  • RECORD MACROS MID-ACTION New enhanced Macro Live! technology makes in-game macro recording a joy
  • Thumbs up to that
  • RECORD MACROS AT YOUR LEISURE If recording macros using a menu-based system is more your style then our world-famous Macro Manager software is just what you want
  • The Easy-Shift[+] zone gives you an impressive 28 macros keys û including 8 dedicated keys that can be doubly programmed
  • And you wonÆt have to leave your game to do it
  • Brilliant for a rapid weapon change
  • And did we mention IskuÆs keyboard illumination simply looks awesome? PAMPER YOUR WRISTS The IskuÆs Integrated Extra-Large Granular Wrist Rest acts like a sofa for your hands, providing perfect stability and comfort -- so you can avoid wrist fatigue even when gaming into the wee hours
  • ù in 5 handy profile slots and activate each instantaneously with the simple press of a button û so you can game your way with speed and ease
  • You can even set a profile for Windows which the Isku will automatically switch back to when youÆve finished gaming
  • Plus, you can program the Isku to automatically switch its lights off if you havenÆt hit a key for a length of time of your choosing û great for when you want to take a break from your game
  • STAY LOCKED AND LOADED Flip the Isku over (donÆt worry, it wonÆt bite) and youÆll find 5 rubberized Non-Slip Gaming Boots and 2 rubberized Lock-Fast Gaming Feet
  • Plus, the ability to instantly switch between 5 profiles lets you enjoy up to a whopping 180 macros û enough customization to meet even the most demanding warriorÆs needs
  • BE THE MASTER OF DARKNESS Backlit with ROCCAT Extreme Ice Blue Lighting in 6 adjustable brightness levels, the Isku makes it easy to always hit the right key -- even in low lighting
  • Stay tuned for more exciting ROCCAT Talk coalitions in the future
  • And with the clever Sound Feedback tool, the world-famous ROCCAT Voice will even tell you which profile youÆve selected
  • ROCCAT Talk also lets you take advantage of our exclusive Easy-Aim technology like never before
  • Think of your thumbs as two new eager allies
  • This means the Isku stays put -- even during the most intense play session



  • NameValue
    Manufacturer Part NumberROC-12-722
    Product TypeGaming Keyboard
    LayoutUK (QWERTY)
    Product Barcode4250288127227

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.

Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.