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RFCT16555 Roccat

Roccat Kone Pure Core 8200DPI Laser Sensor PC Gaming Mouse, USB (ROC-11-700) - NA

by Roccat
  • You can even program the logo to execute cool effects, like a "breathing" function, or colour rotation in your choice of shades - eye-catching displays sure to enhance your battle experience
  • cable)
  • In addition to its perfectly-weighted design - allowing for smooth, cosy and rock-steady gliding - the Pure features a soft-touch, ultra-comfort surface that lets you game long without the slightest irritation
  • And the included ROCCAT Driver software lets you easily program and fine tune a multitude of settings - and gives you sound feedback with most changes - so you can game exactly how you like
  • The Kone Pure is powered by a killer performance package loaded with the latest 8200dpi Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor, a mighty 32-bit Turbo Core V2 72MHz ARM MCU processor, and the most advanced Tracking & Distance Control Unit around û all working in perfect harmony to deliver unrivalled battle performance
  • Constructed with the world's most advanced switch components, Click Master technology ensures that every button press registers with extreme precision
  • With legendary Kone blood pumping through its veins, the ROCCAT Kone Pure delivers a powerful Next Gen combo of core essentials every skirmisher needs to rack up victory after victory
  • COMMAND FASTER, EASIER AND SMARTER The Kone Pure comes standard with world famous Easy-Shift[+] technology, which lets you set two functions for each mouse button and the scroll wheel - giving you the power to pack a massive amount of quickly-accessible control into a clean, uncluttered space
  • STORE A BOUNTY OF MACROS AND SETTINGS Packed with a hefty 576KB of on-board memory, the Kone Pure has plenty of room to store all of your macros and profiles
  • 12cm max
  • OWN LIKE A KONE - IN A NEW SLEEK DESIGN Our ROCCAT Scientists built the Kone Pure for gamers who wanted the same killer Kone design - only sleeker - without sacrificing any of the legendary Kone performance
  • And thanks to the integrated Tracking and Distance Control Unit (TDCU), you can adjust the sensor precisely to your mouse pad, further improving tracking and minimizing pick-up-flight - and further skyrocketing your command capabilities
  • CLICK WITH KILLER PRECISION Our ROCCAT Scientists built the Kone Pure with ROCCAT Click Master switch tech - powered by Omron
  • And because of its premium materials and rugged construction, ROCCAT Click Master tech delivers the longest life of hardcore gaming, click after click
  • LIGHT UP THE BATTELFIELD - AND YOUR PURE The Kone Pure offers more than just killer gaming performance: It's also a fully-customisable atmosphere booster that adds to the mood of every gaming session
  • Every click also delivers pronounced feedback, letting you feel your way to successful gaming
  • length - Weight: Approx
  • ENJOY AN ARMADA OF POWERFUL FEATURES - INSTANTLY The Kone Pure runs on a 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor that delivers lightning-fast computing speed - which means you can take advantage of its plethora of custom gaming functions with absolutely no delay
  • 90g (excl
  • Features - Fully-adjustable 8200DPI pro-optic (R3) laser sensor, with 41 true DPI setting ranging from 200 to 8200 - ROCCAT click master, switch tech powered by Omron - Easy-shift[+] button duplicator, with Easy-Aim + Easy-Wheel functions - 72MHz Turbo Core V2 32-bit Arm based MCU processor, for lightning-fast computing speed - Tracking & distance control unit, for less pick-up flight & more precise gaming - 576KB on-board memory, for storing a wealth of macros and settings - 16.8 million-colour lighting system, for customisable colours + effects - Seven mouse buttons + solid 2D wheel, for a full complement of command options - Soft-touch surface, for extended gaming in total comfort - ROCCAT driver + macro manager, for advanced customization + presets for games & apps - ROCCAT achievements display, for monitoring gaming performance - 1000Hz polling rate - 1ms response time - 12000fps, 10.8megapixel - 30G acceleration - 3.8m/s (150ips) - 16-bit data channel - 1-5mm Lift off distance - Zero angle snapping/prediction - 1.8m braided USB cable - Dimensions: Max
  • In designing the Pure, our ROCCAT Scientists took the legendary Kone form and slimmed it down to 91% the size of the Kone[+] - while adding even more competition-crushing power û to create a sleek, awesome tool perfectly built for major mass ownage
  • And because it's packed with a blazing 32-bit Turbo Core V2 processor, you can call up any of your custom settings instantaneously
  • COMMAND WITH TOP PRECISION The 8200dpi Pro-Aim R3 laser sensor in the Kone Pure offers superb tracking, transmitting even the fastest mouse movements with no lag - for incredible precision that delivers amazing gaming control
  • TREAT YOUR HAND TO SOME SERIOUS ERGONOMICS Comfort is essential when you're gaming - and the Kone Pure delivers
  • Add to that a wealth of ergonomic features designed for long-play comfort - and a suite of the world's most advanced gaming software for max customization - and it's easy to see why the Pure is good enough to be called a Kone
  • The Kone Pure delivers all the muscle and glory you'd expect from the Kone pedigree - all packed into a new, slimmer profile thatÆs 91% the size of the Kone[+]
  • RULE THE BATTLEFIELD WITH THE PERFECT SELECTION OF TOOLS With seven fully-programmable buttons and a tough-built 2D mouse wheel, the Kone Pure offers the optimal amount of combat control in a clean, uncluttered space - giving you swift access to all the command options you need to dominate any skirmish
  • It boasts a large ROCCAT logo on its back that you can set in your choice of 16.8 million vibrant colours
  • width 7cm x approx



  • NameValue
    Manufacturer Part NumberROC-11-700
    Product TypeGaming Mouse
    Product Barcode4250288117006

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This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.