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Rocks Organic Orange Whole Fruit Drink - 740ml

  • Rocks organic 'Olly' Orange whole fruit drink is a healthier drink for all the family.


Product Description

  • Made with whole organic oranges from the Mediterranean blended with organic sugar from Brazil to produce a full flavoured tangy whole fruit drink which children adore.

    Shake before serving - because we use no additives it is natural for this drink to separate as it does not contain the stabilisers added to regular squash.A quick shake will mix up the fruit pieces.


Water, organically grown sugar, organic whole oranges (15%), citric acid, organic orange oil. GLUTEN FREE.


Rocks is a family firm producing only organic drinks, founded by Hugh Rock at Loddon Park Farm in 1983. Everything is made on our own premises at Loddon Park Farm, Twyford, which is a Soil Association registered organic farm.

We have specialised machinery so that we can buy fruit direct from the organic growers. From fresh oranges to orange whole fruit drink takes 24 hours. With this direct processing we have complete control over what goes into our drinks.

Organic farming promotes sustainable relationships between the earth, plants, animals, people and the biosphere in order to produce healthy food and other products while enhancing the environment.

Here at Rocks we believe this to be of the utmost importance, so for anyone looking for a natural alternative to the 21st century, look no further, all this and it tastes delicious too.

Rocks Organic are a certified member of the Soil Association.

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