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Roller Cartridge Warm Honey Wax 100g with fixed Large Roller Head

  • A quick accurate and hygienic method of wax application for salon professional hair removal where wax is rolled onto the skin
  • Remove spilt wax with Options by Hive Wax Equipment Cleaner.
  • Classic all-purpose Roller Depilatory Honey Wax Cartridge with Fixed Large Roller Head
  • This will ensure the wax rolls through the head with immediate effect when applied to the area
  • Specification 100g Plastic Cartridge Guidelines Professional tips for use: 1
  • Return cartridge to the heater
  • Press epilating strip to the waxed area
  • Care Instructions Once Protective Silver Foil is removed use within 36 months
  • Suitable for use in Options by Hive Multi Pro & Hand Held 100g Heaters
  • Remove the Silver Protective Foil then turn the cartridge upside down to allow the wax to flow smoothly into the roller head
  • 4
  • Key Features Excellent grip on stubborn strong hairs
  • This wax provides a thin economic application
  • Golden appearance and honey-like consistency once heated
  • Pull off the strip with a firm action against the direction of hair growth
  • 2
  • Angle the cartridge at about 45 degrees roll on a thin application of wax in the direction of hair growth
  • 3
  • Enables quick easy waxing results & creates less mess
  • Large Fixed Roller Head is ideal for leg waxing
  • Roll wax on to a paper or fabric strip prior to application


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