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Rowse Mild & Light Squeezy - 340g

  • At Rowse we pride ourselves on sourcing the highest quality and most delicious honeys for everyone to enjoy; something we have been doing for over 70 years ever since Tony Rowse started beekeeping in 1938.
  • Rowse Mild & Light Squeezy


Product Description

  • Our Light* & Mild honey is chosen for its gentle taste and pale* colour making it a perfect choice for young kids.

    Taste Strength:

    Light & Mild

    Ideal used as a sugar substitute for sweeting drinks and baking


Tony Rowse began beekeeping as a hobby in 1938. As his hobby grew into an obsession, he started his own honey business in Ewelme, Oxfordshire. The Rowse Honey Company was officially established in 1954, sourcing honey from beekeepers all over the UK and from Tony's own hives. Because honey is not only delicious, but also good for you, business grew rapidly and The Rowse Honey Company had over 1,000 hives. However, demand soon exceeded supply and for two years running, the English honey crop was very small, a series of wet springs and summers having limited supply. Consequently, during the 1960’s Rowse began importing honeys from Mexico and Australia where climatic conditions were better and honey supplies plentiful.

By 1971, Tony had formed the business into a limited company and in response to continued growth, Rowse Honey Ltd moved to a purpose built, 30,000 sq.ft factory in Wallingford, Oxfordshire and the Chairmanship moved to Tony’s son, Richard. For the next 30 years Rowse was to build a name as the most trusted of British honey brands and gained a reputation for fair trading, delicious honeys and safe, hygienic packaging. In 2002, there was a National honey crisis, when it was found that honeys from some countries were unsafe to eat. Other brands were forbidden to sell their honey, but because Rowse has invested so much time, money, energy and effort in testing honeys, we were the only major company in the UK with honey that was safe to eat. We worked incredibly hard to get honey to every one of our customers, so keeping honey on the nation's tables. This consolidated Rowse's position as the UK's favourite honey brand.

Today, Rowse Honey is still the UK's leading honey brand, with around 34% of the entire market. We have substantially increased our investment in factory premises and offices accommodation, now employing over 100 people. In October 2006 Rowse was proud to become part of the Wellness Foods family.


About the Everyday Honey Range
Rowse Blossom Honeys in glass jars are the UK's favourite honeys. These pure and natural honeys, available in Clear and Set varieties, are bought and eaten by more people than any other.

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