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Rude Health The Beetroot Snack Bar - 35g

  • The Beetroot snack bar
  • A vegetable powerhouse in your pocket.
  • Rude Health The Beetroot Snack Bar


Product Description

  • And if that isn't enough they are wheat-free and made using a gluten-free recipe with no refined sugar.

    The Beetroot snack bar
  • Do not forget to eat proper meals too.
  • Warning addictively delicious
  • Rude Health's snack bars are an allotment full of fruit & veg in a fudgy bar with seeds & nuts thrown in for good measure


Dates, Almonds, Ground Beetroot, Sunflower Seeds, Water, Sunflower Oil

No refined sugars
No added salt
Source of fibre
Gluten-free recipe


Ingredients: Contains Nuts
Factory: The equipment used to make these snack bars handles sesame seeds, gluten, diary and soya

Nutrition Information

per bar
per 100g
Energy 118 kcal 338 kcal
502 kJ 1434 kJ
Protein 3g 8g
Carbohydrates 19g 53g
of which sugars 17g 48g
Fat 4g 12g
of which saturates 0 1g
Fibre 2g 5g
Sodium trace 0.1


We're a small company with big dreams. With a great breakfast inside us, we feel we can do just about anything: change the nation's eating habits, revolutionise farming and look sexy while line dancing. Here's what gets us up in the morning...

Making tasty breakfasts - Life's too short to eat food you don't enjoy. So we choose ingredients that taste amazing. Then we mix them so their flavours sing out.

Making healthy breakfasts - We don't over-process anything into unnatural shapes and textures. We don't need salt, refined sugars or fortifications, as our ingredients are perfect just as they are.

Sustaining you - There's an old saying: "Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper." A bowlful of Rude Health breakfast is made to keep a bounce in your step until lunchtime.

Sustaining the planet - There's no point being rudely healthy on a sick planet. So we work to minimise our packaging, and to grow our ingredients where they grow best naturally. And we'll never, ever use

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3 out of 5
By Ally | Posted on: 07/08/2013

Unusual taste!

Quite pleasant overall and surprisingly not that sweet with the combination of dates and beetroot. However, it is this very combination that gives it a rather odd taste. My friends who sampled this snack bar commented that date and beetroot do not really mix that well. Still, this is a healthy gluten-free product.


Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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