MDSG10131 Rio Grande Games

Rum & Pirates Board Game


Product Description

  • Now, they have retired to their secret pirates nest in the Caribbean for a little rest and relaxation
  • These honor points are tallied at game end
  • They also encounter the city guard and visit the pubs for drinking bouts
  • When all is done, the player with the most honor points will win the game!

    The players take on the roles of pirates
  • Or they meet the city guard and deal with them if they can
  • Naturally, they will visit the few pubs to gather and drink some rum together
  • At the end of the day, they head back to the ship and wrangle for the few sleeping places available there
  • The wild pirates hoard gathers around the notorious Red Corsair, who has led them on many successful raids
  • Who will gain the most honor points ?
  • There, they search for coins, rum, treasure maps and treasure chests
  • They move the captain along the alleys of the pirates nest, looking for treasure maps and treasure chests
  • They will also have opportunities to acquire the special wares needed by pirates like wooden legs and eye patches
  • All these activities earn the players tiles, which are worth honor points - most positive, but some are negative

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18 years - 99 years




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