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Rytons 125mm Cowled Aircore Controllable Panel - White


Product Description

RYTAC10HPWCW - RYTONS 125MM COWLED AIRCORE CONTROLLABLE PANEL - WHITEAC10HPCW - Rytons Cowled Controllable LookRyt® AirCore® Retro-fitted core ventilator with external cowl for background room ventilation.Unrestricted tube allows a high equivalent area over 7000mm².External cowl protects against excessive weather conditions and alleviates air blasts through the cavity.New and uniquely designed internal LookRyt® panel disperses air evenly into the room and may be painted or wallpapered to match dEcor.LookRyt® panel manually adjusted with an easy push/pull action giving the occupier full control over the amount of ventilation let into the room.External water baffle prevents transfer of water across the cavity.Interlocking components aid correct positioning, alignment and easy installation.Cowl and external grille U.V. stabilised to slow down the effects of sunlight.LookRyt® panel easily secured using fixing screws provided.Verifiable equivalent area confirmed by the BRE.Cowl: 217mm L x 210mm H x 93mm D.External Grille: 166mm L x 160mm H.Tube: 127mm (5″) Dia. x 358mm L.LookRyt® Panel: 172mm L x 172mm H.Magnolia internal LookRyt® panel (may be decorated). Choice of cowl / external grille: Terracotta (RYTAC10HPTCW)Buff/Sand (AC10HPBCW)White (AC10HPWCW)Composition Cowl: U.V. stabilised high impact polystyrene.External Grille: U.V. stabilised high impact polystyrene.Tube: High impact polystyrene. Tube contains recycled plastic.LookRyt® Panel: High impact styrene. Softening / Melting Points: Tube: Softening point 70ºC, melting point 120ºC.Installation Warning: DO NOT attach the internal LookRyt® face panel until the internal LookRyt® backplate is fixed to the wall using the screws provided. Screws: The four screws provided are for fixing the internal LookRyt® backplate to the internal wall. Any suitable fixings can be used for the external grille, dependent on the external surface. To comply with Building Regulations Part F the ventilator should be sited not less than 1.7m above floor level.Drill a hole using a 127mm diameter core drill.Cut tube to length if necessary then insert the tube into the hole.Align and push fit the external louvre and backplate (screw into position for extra security). Tip: Save installation time by securing the external louvre grille to the backplate with a mastic sealant.Fasten the cowl to the brickwork through the preformed holes in the flange around the cowl.DO NOT attach the internal LookRyt® face panel until the internal LookRyt® backplate is fixed to the wall using the screws provided. Align and screw the internal LookRyt® backplate to the wall using the screws provided.ONLY when the internal LookRyt® backplate is screwed in place can you push fit the internal LookRyt® face panel.The grille may then be opened and closed using a push/pull action.The internal LookRyt® face panel can be painted or wallpapered to match the room dEcor.UK Regulations and Standards The Building Regulations 2000, Approved Document F.The Building (Scotland) Regulations, Mandatory Standard 3.14.The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2000, Technical Booklet K.British Standard BS 5250:2011.Questions and Answers Is an extension tube available? Yes, Rytons AC10TUBE with Rytons ACCONECT.


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