ISLS18151 Rytons

Rytons 77mm Mini Lookryt Aircore - Buff Sand

  • Easily retro-fitted through a 78mm core drilled hole.
  • Combustion air vent for low kilowatt stoves and fires


Product Description

  • Virtually unnoticeable mini internal panel
  • Panel may be painted or wallpapered to match dEcor
  • stabilised
  • HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances
  • 002010108, UK Design Registration Nos
  • Draught reducing grille design for maximum comfort
  • Verifiable equivalent area confirmed by the BRE
  • External grille U.V
  • LookRyt ® panel: European Design Registration No
  • 4018847 and 4018848, Patent pending.
  • Screws provided for securing the internal panel


Answering industry demand for a small vent for small appliances, we are pleased to announce that there is a new addition to the LookRyt® AirCore® family ... Industry compliant, this Mini LookRyt® AirCore® has a verifiable equivalent area to comply with Part J and is HETAS approved for use with solid fuel appliances. It will also satisfy the regulations for many other small appliances, including gas. Helps maintain a pleasant environment whether or not the stove is in use. Introducing Rytons Mini LookRyt® AirCore®. A new 3" dia. core ventilator specifically designed for low kilowatt stoves and fires. Featuring an internal grille barely bigger than a light switch, this perfectly proportioned set is our most discreet combustion air vent. The grille's front panel may also be painted or wallpapered to blend in with the room's dEcor for an appearance that's virtually unnoticeable. For maximum comfort the internal grille is in our popular LookRyt® panel design. The venting outlets are hidden from view behind a front plate which allows air to be dispersed evenly, significantly reducing draughts. Dimensions: Ext. Grille: 158mm L x 98mm H Tube: 77mm Dia. x 358mm L Mini LookRyt Panel: 110mm L x 110mm H Three Colours Available: RYTAC3LPBS - Buff-Sand RYTAC3LPTC Terracotta RYTAC3LPWH - White.

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