BAPC10043 Sanatogen

Sanatogen Original Powder - 275g

  • A high protein powder which helps to provide the strength and energy our bodies need


Product Description

  • Sanatogen High Protein Powder can provide additional high quality protein, in an easy to use powder, for those individuals with increased nutritional needs, or for whom dietary protein intake is normally insufficient
  • The human body needs daily supplies of protein to support the growth and development of new tissues and other biological processes
  • Its high-quality protein can help support the repair of damaged tissue
  • If you're a sportsperson and training regularly, Sanatogen High Protein Powder can help support muscle development as part of an overall balanced diet and alongside a suitable training regime, helping to get your body into shape and achieve peak performance
  • Also for expectant and nursing mothers and growing children.
  • Based on casein (milk protein) this supplement is of a high quality, and contains all of the essential building blocks of proteins, which are needed to support the growth and repair of human tissues
  • Sanatogen High Protein Powder is suitable for all adults, but in particular:

    If you're recovering from illness or injury Sanatogen High Protein Powder can help you get back to full health and fitness as quickly as possible

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