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Sanchi Furikake Japanese Seasoning - 65g

  • Made of sesame seeds, seaweed and shiro leaves
  • Provides a balance of protein, vitamin and mineral nutrients, without being overly salty
  • Extremely versatile seasoning & very tasty
  • Excellent in both Japanese and Western dishes
  • Traditionally used with rice, but can also be sprinkled over grain,stir fries, cooked vegetables or salads

Product Description

Sanchi is a premium range of Japanese products made in an uncompromising traditional manner from the highest quality ingredients and methods. Since 1994 Sanchi has built relationships with growers, producer groups and processors to ensure all foods remain true to their Japanese origins whilst providing an ethical and sustainable message through quality ingredients. With no artificial colouring, flavouring, additives, sweeteners for refined sugar, Sanchi offers you the best in Japanese Cuisine.


Black and Brown Sesame Seeds, Red Shisho (Perilla Herb) Leaves, Nori Seaweed

Nutrition Information

Energy 2270kJ/547kcal Protein 22g Carbohydrate 15.5g Fat 44.1g


Traditionally, Furikake is used with rice, but can also be sprinkled over grain, pasta or cheese dishes, stir fries, cooked vegetables, potatoes or salads.


Over the last few years, Japanese Cuisine has steadily grown in popularity in Europe, partly because we have become more adventurous in our cooking and eating habits, and partly because we have more access to overseas produce in general. The main reason seems to be because Japanese Cuisine is widely recognised as being healthy. Whilst many other healthy foods come and go, Japanese Cuisine has proved itself to be much more than a fad. To meet the demand for high quality traditional Japanese foods, we proudly present the SANCHI range. With no artificial colourings, flavourings, additives, sweeteners or refined sugar, SANCHI offers you the best in Japanese Cuisine.

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