SAJF10029 Sanchi

Sanchi Wakame - 60g

  • Wakame, like Arame, needs little cooking and has a mild flavour
  • Just rinse under cold water, cut and soak for 3-4 minutes, drain, and add to soups, salads, pasta, vegetarian proteins, fish, or any kind of vegetarian dish.
  • Sanchi Wakame


Product Description

  • Benefits

    * Especially rich in minerals (containing 10-33% by dry weight, depending on species)
    * A nourishing and tasty condiment


Wakame (Undaria pinnatifida)

Nutrition Information

Nutrition Information (per 100g)
Energy 443kJ/106kcal
Protein 15.3g
Carbohydrate 6.2g
Fat 2.3g


Sanchi is owned by Community Foods, who have been buying Japanese foods since 1977. The Sanchi brand was created in 1994 to meet the demand for high quality Japanese foods.

Sanchi is a premium range of Japanese products made in an uncompromising traditional manner from the highest quality ingredients and methods.

We believe Sanchi products should remain true to their Japanese origins whilst providing an ethical and sustainable message through quality ingredients.

Since the inception of Community Foods, we have built relationships with growers, producer groups and processors to ensure supply to specification of an increasing range of goods like Sanchi.

We stock over 2,600 natural and whole foods, and are the biggest specialist natural foods importer and distributor in the UK.

Community Foods’ trading expertise means that we are able to offer products and services to a range of mainstream grocery and niche sectors as the demand for health, vegetarian or "different" foodstuffs increases. Around 60% of our business is in “conventional” crops or product, and 40% is organic, including Fairtrade. This reflects much of the pioneering work we have done in bringing new, organic products to the market. We will NOT have genetically modified products in our business.

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