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Savvy Crafters Guide To Success


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  • Experienced crafters - the ones who make their living at making, selling, and teaching crafts - are constantly answering questions such as "What did you do before this?" and "How did you start making a living and how can I get that job?" For many crafters, selling their art and teaching others how to do it-full time-is just a dream."The Savvy Crafter's Guide to Success" guides crafters through the maze of the world of crafting with pertinent information on how to build and maintain a craft business; how to teach the best arts and craft classes; how to write regularly for craft/ home publications; how to get your designs sold; and, explains the ins and outs of the business of crafts

  • Savvy Crafters Guide to Success: Turn Your Crafts Into a Career
  • In addition, the book features profiles and interviews with a diverse range of crafters who have found their own way to building a successful crafting business.

    About the Author

    Freelance artist Sandra McCall has been making art since majoring in commercial art

  • Today, Sandy has authored three books, created instructional DVDs, designs new projects and teaches rubberstamping.

  • She began making her original drawings and eraser carvings into rubber stamps and eventually found a whole new career
  • She quickly decided that the field was too restrictive for her and began working in multi- medium art and assemblage while paying the bills with a job as an accountant


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