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SCHS10011 Schuessler

Schuessler Tissue Salts Kali Phos No 6 - 125 Tablets

by Schuessler
  • Schuessler Tissue Salts Kali Phos No 6
  • Potassium phosphate is used primarily against problems of the nerves and the muscles
  • The application field reaches from nervousness through melancholy up to sleeping discomfort
  • Even against learning disorders of pupils one can try Potassium phosphate
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Product Description

    • Name of the cell salt: Potassium phosphate
    • Classic name: Kali Phos
    • European number 5
    • American number 6
    • Material: White powder
    • Standard potency 6X
    • Part of the body: Nerves, brain, muscles, blood
    • Use as cell salts: Nerves
    • Main uses:
    • Exhaustion. Impulse weakness. Sleeplessness.
    • The cell salt Potassium phosphate would also be the suitable remedy against commemorative disturbances
    • Also problems of other organs can be relieved by Potassium phosphate, if they are caused nervously, for example, nervous heart trouble
    • Facial diagnosis:
    • Absent expression
    • Ash-grey skin
    • Brown coating of the tongue
    • Dry tongue
    • Grey ocular part
    • Gum bleeding
    • Halitosis
    • Periodontosis
    • Sunken temples
    • Mainly in the chin area


  • Internal uses abscesses addiction inclination adenitis after-pains age heart almond abscess annoyance assurance asthma athlete's foot atrophy of the bronchi attention avarice back pains backache bad breath bald head blocking blood circulation disturbances blood coagulation blood poisoning bran lichen bran mushroom breathlessness bright period bronchial asthma cartilage construction catapult trauma cataract cataract circulatory failure cirrhosis of the liver claustrophobia coating of the tongue cold collapse concussion confusion construction means convalescence convulsions cranial brain trauma croup daze dejection dental cookers depressions depressive disgruntlement diaphragm break diarrhoeia dilation of the stomach dismantling from poisons disturbances of equilibrium dizziness dullness dumpling in the neck duodenal ulcer excessive demand excitement exhausted being eye muscle paralysis fabric decrease facial paralysis facial rose failure faint feeling fear feeling of sickness fever forehead bald head forgetfulness gastritis getting bedsores globe syndrome goiter gums inflammation hardening heart weakness herpes zoster high blood pressure high forehead hormonal dysregulation hypertension hypochondria immune system strengthening immunodeficiency impatience incontinence infectious mononucleosis inferiority complex initiative initiative instability irritability irritability irritant flood irritant stomach joy joy of living learning listlessness learning zeal load incontinence loss of hair loss of strength lower leg ulcer melancholy melancholy middle ear-vereiterung mind work miscarriage aftercare miscarriage prevention moodiness motivation mucous membrane atrophy mucous membrane mushrooms multiple sclerosis muscle convulsions muscle paralysis muscle weakness muscular atrophy nail mushroom nephritic weakness nervous cramps nervous heart problems nervous inflammation nervous reassurance nervousness neurasthenia night waking noise delicacy opposition strength oral decay oral mucosa inflammation oral mucosa ulcer ovarian abscess peptic ulcer perceptive facility permanent stress phobias pine joint blockade pneumonia poison material dismantling positive approach to life pressure of time pressure ulcer privy councillor corners prostate gland abscess prostate gland adenoma prostate gland discomfort prostate gland hypertrophy putrefaction rest need restraint root abscess rotary dizziness rough skin sciatica shingles shock skin atrophy skin mushroom stomach bowel inflammation stomach bowel influenza stomach mucous membrane inflammation strabismus stress stroke surfeit sweat hands sweat outbreaks sweating symptoms of paralysis tear river thin skin torn muscle urinary incontinence vigour vomiting weak memory weak nerves will strength wines working joy worries writing cramp yeast mushroom infestation External uses bad healing wounds bruises facial paralyses muscle strain necrosis tennis elbow ulcers



    Schuessler Cell Salts





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Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.