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Schwable Nobby Nic, Performance, Evolution Folding MTB Tyre - Black - 26" x 2.1

  • Schwalbe Nobby Nic EvolutionNobby Nic EVO gives great grip with a lower than average rolling resistance by combining a triple nano compound with their EVO carcass and U-block lugs to create the perfect balance for confident high speed off road acceleration and cornering.The technological quest is always to find the correct compromise between grip and rolling resistance, and Schwalbe have achieved just that, making the Nobby Nic an excellent choice for XC racers and fast singletrack addicts.MTB World Cup rider and Schwalbe tyre developer Markus Hachmeyer says; "Every rubber mixture consists of natural or synthetic rubber, carbon or silica, waxes, oils and additives.The vulcanisation process - heating to 170 degrees at approximately 16 bar pressure - makes viscose rubber elastic. Exactly how flexible it is, will be determined by the additives. Each rubber mixture has characteristics on one hand viscous and on the other flexible, pliable and elastic. Gooey, viscous mixtures have more grip and can almost 'stick' to the road, while extremely elastic mixtures have very low rolling resistance. The respective relationship between the two characteristics can therefore be co-ordinated and controlled for its particular target application. Each rubber mixture is therefore a compromise between grip and rolling resistance.""In order to optimise different and opposing characteristics at the same time in a single tyre, several compounds are necessary.The three prime attributes for Nobby Nic were - rolling resistance, grip and durability. But that meant we needed three rubber mixtures and they each had to be in a specific place, in total four different tread areas - centre, both shoulders and a base layer. This could only be achieved by using the ultramodern manufacturing process made possible by a Triplex extruder." "The flexible Qualifier Compound is used as a sub-layer, or base compound as it has very low rolling resistance, but - and here is the compromise - little grip. However, this disadvantage has no effect, because this compound does not come into direct contact with the road.Over it, in the centre of the tread, lies a layer of durable Off-road Racing Compound, because this is where the tread needs to be strongest. In addition this rubber mixture provides extraordinary traction under propulsion as well as good braking grip. Maximum Grip Compound is used on the outside tyre shoulders which come into play when the bike is inclined during cornering - particularly important in wet conditions - ensuring very good grip. This compound is used for example in the Stelvio Rain and offers unsurpassed wet grip. With its rather gooey characteristics it adapts very well to unevenness."

Product Description

  • World's first triple compound MTB tyre. A true competition tyre with speed, grip, durability and puncture protection

  • Folding tyre

  • Schwalbe Tyres

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