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Seagreens Food (1 Month Supply) - 60 Capsules

  • To support optimum health, Seagreens® micronised Arctic Wild Wrack is a unique blend of seaweeds in easy to take capsule form.
  • Seagreens Food (1 Month Supply)


Product Description

  • These remarkable ocean vegetables grow abundantly in the cold, crystal waters of the Arctic Circle among the islands of a remote archipelago
  • The wild-crafted Wrack is harvested by hand as the Norwegians have done for centuries without harm to the environment
  • A nutritious choice of sea vegetable Seagreens are available in three forms
  • Their nutritional profile across these three is virtually identical with one important exception: two contain very little iodine
  • By mixing all three, we get a broader nutrient profile without excessive iodine
  • All Seagreens products are 'Certified to Soil Association Organic Standards' Quantity: 60 capsules 500mg each
  • The Food Capsules contain a blend of 3 different varieties of wild Arctic Wrack
  • It is a superbly clean, natural garden with white sandy beaches, deep fjiords and towering, snow-capped mountains
  • As Seagreens Food Capsules, Culinary Ingredient and Table Condiment
  • Seagreens are an ideal foundation of any daily diet because, with their wide spectrum of nutrients they ensure the body has a little of every nutrient every day


Fine milled organic wild wrack, Vegetable Capsule (vegetable carbohydrate gum, glycerine, water).

Nutrition Information

Seagreens lose fewer nutrients in cooking than land vegetables - they thrive in water. Naturally balanced range of nutrients - broader than land-grown foods. Rich in amino acids (so naturally bring out other food flavours). Rich in pigments, including chlorophyll (helps cleanse blood and kidneys). Rich in polysaccharides (detox, aids digestion and lowers cholesterol). Rich in all micronutrients missing from processed foods and even organic land foods. A teaspoon of Seagreens has the iron of a plate of broccoli, the calcium of half a cup of milk. Ocean balance of mineral salts closely resembles their natural balance in human plasma. Virtually fat-free, low calories, low sodium (Seagreens - 3.5%; sea salt - 40%; low-sodium salts - 15%). Culinary inclusion with carbohydrates aids digestion and alkalinity while reducing flatulence. One Seagreens Food Capsule can be mixed in infant weaning food at 6 - 8 months.


2 capsule a day. 2 capsules (1g) maximum.


The product of sustainable wild harvesting, Seagreens® food and nutrition ingredients are uniquely Certified in Europe and the USA in line with Demeter Biodynamic® and Organic Standards. Nothing is added or extracted. They are free of contaminants, toxic metals and microbial pathogens, irradiation, GMOs, manufacturing incipients, wheat, dairy, gluten and other known allergens.

They are endorsed by nutritionists, medical and dental practitioners and health and food societies in Europe and North America. Since 2007 Seagreens ingredients have been the subject of original, ongoing scientific research together with our academic partners and most recently the Seaweed Health Foundation, established in London and Edinburgh in 2010.

About Brand

For 15 years Seagreens has made the best European seaweed available in convenient forms. Seagreens feeds your foundation of health. Their aim is to see at least 1g a day of the best quality seaweed in the diet. Even a small amount of the right kind of seaweed fills nutritional gaps in the modern diet.

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Expected Despatch By 31/10/2016

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