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Selva Organic Maqui Powder - 250g

  • The Maqui berry is a deep purple berry found in the Patagonia region of Chile
  • Maqui berries contain a very high quantity of powerful anti-oxidants
  • Selva Organic Maqui Powder
  • It is widely claimed that the maqui berry is the most anti-oxidant dense fruit on the planet


Product Description

  • Now commercially cultivated, it's used by the Chilean wine industry for its rich colour, but also by the wider world for its great nutritional value and flavour.


    Maqui berry is claimed to have among the highest antioxidant concentrations of any fruit in the world
  • Antioxidants play an important role in human physiology, with properties thought to include the prevention of numerous diseases like cancer
  • Maqui is also rich in Vitamin C, which is fundamental to health, and also contains healthy levels of calcium, potassium and iron.

    Suggested Use

    Maqui's rich colour and lovely, sweet flavour, make it a great addition to a wide variety of regular meals and other things like smoothies
  • A tablespoon in your cereal or porridge is one way to go, or it can be used in baking
  • Perhaps most usefully, it can be used alongside some of the more pungent superfoods to produce a far more attractive result, in taste and appearance!
  • Our Maqui berries are dried and milled at low temperatures for easy digestion and maximum nutrient retention.

    Rich in antioxidants
    Abundant in vitamin C
    A rich source of fibre
    Gluten free
    Certified organic

    Maqui berry (Aristotelia chilensis) until recently was only grown in the wild and collected by the Mapuche Indians of Patagonian Chile

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