RBPL10117 Senokot

Senokot Syrup - 150ml

  • Suitable for children 6 years+.
  • Senokot Syrup provides effective relief from constipation


Product Description

  • It is suitable for children from the age of 2 in a smaller dose
  • There's really no need to feel you've brought constipation on yourself
  • Without sufficient fluids, waste matter dries out, making it harder to move through the bowel
  • Any change of routine or diet can cause constipation
  • The important thing is to treat constipation as soon as it occurs
  • You can follow a high-fibre diet, exercise every day, drink lots of water yet still get constipation from time to time
  • Lack of fibre results in harder, more compact stools, which take longer to pass through
  • Medicines - some commonly used medicines are known to cause constipation, particularly certain painkillers (e.g
  • Menopause and menstruation - hormonal and lifestyle changes at these times can cause constipation
  • codeine), iron tablets and some antacids (e.g aluminium hydroxide)
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) sufferers often have constipation, sometimes alternating with diarrhoea
  • In IBS, cramping pains and discomfort in the bowel and rectum are common
  • Holiday constipation - is quite common
  • Stress - constipation can be caused by stress but stress can also be a symptom of constipation
  • Ageing - a lot of bodily functions slow down with age and the digestive system is just one of them
  • The dose can also be easily managed
  • Pregnancy - hormonal and physical changes are probable causes
  • However, certain things make constipation more likely:
    Diet - Dietary fibre provides the bulk that helps to speed the passage of waste food through the bowel
  • Lack of fluids - the body needs 1.5-2 litres a day to function efficiently
  • Just because you get constipation doesn't mean you are unhealthy or even that you have an unhealthy lifestyle
  • Even from childhood some people just seem to be more susceptible than others
  • Lack of exercise - if you don't exercise often, things can slow down including the muscle contractions that move waste matter through the bowel
  • Senokot Syrup provides effective relief from constipation


Contains Senna and sennosides
Always read the label/leaflet.


Adults and children over 12: two 5ml spoonfuls taken at night
Children over six: one 5ml spoonfuls in the morning
Children six and under: consult your doctor

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