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Set of Airbrush Kit

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  • 100% Brand New for all products Airbrush Gun Package includes: 1 x 0.3mm Airbrush 1 x nozzle wrench 1 x eye dropper 1 x Airbrush kit storage case Airbrush Kit: HIgh Quality Precision Dual-Action Gravity Feed Airbrush with a 0.3mm needle/nozzle which can give accurate spray control With 7cc
  • 12 colors included: Black White Silver Gold Orange Green Blue Purple 2*Red 2*Yellow Ideal for your beautiful nail art design Perfectly designed for flowing freely through an airbrush gun Perfect paints for achieving the bright and clear colour with 3D effect and great contrast Easy to clean Water soluble
  • It can be diluted with water to make different effects Suitable for nail art decoration with Airbrush Gun Volume: 30ml in each colour 32 pieces Stencils All are in MPF series 1 sheet x MPF 1 1 sheet x MPF 2 1 sheet x MPF 3 1 sheet x MPF 4 1 sheet x MPF 5 1 sheet x MPF 6 1 sheet x MPF 7 1 sheet x MPF 8 1 sheet x MPF 9 1 sheet x MPF 10 1 sheet x MPF 11 1 sheet x MPF 12 1 sheet x MPF 13 1 sheet x MPF 14 1 sheet x MPF 15 1 sheet x MPF 16 1 sheet x MPF 17 1 sheet x MPF 18 1 sheet x MPF 19 1 sheet x MPF 20 1 sheet x MPF 21 1 sheet x MPF 22 1 sheet x MPF 23 1 sheet x MPF 24 1 sheet x MPF 25 1 sheet x MPF 26 1 sheet x MPF 27 1 sheet x MPF 28 1 sheet x MPF 29 1 sheet x MPF 30 1 sheet x MPF 31 1 sheet x MPF 32 Just put the stencils on the surface which you wish the pattern to be paint on then spray paints on the pattern on with airbrush
  • 2-1/4oz.) angled fluid cup Great for nail arts fine arts model painting body painting hobby and crafts car painting photo retouching illustrations textiles and T-shirt painting and uses that require FINE DETAIL SPRAYING and many quick changes of color in small amounts Dual-Action (Double-Action) Trigger Air/Fluid Control - easy & convenience to use Spray Pattern: Hairline to 1 Wide Package includes a nozzle wrench and 2cc eye dropper (for dropping fluids into the fluid cup) Molded plastic storage case To be connected with the air compressor for airbrushing air compressor is not included in this auction Length: ~14.5cm Suitable for salon or home use Airbrush Paint 12 different Base Color AirBrush Painting for Nail Arts / Figures / Models / Crafts / etc
  • by using airbrush gun Each piece of stencil includes around 10 - 15 different patterns as shown in the picture The stencils are re-usable if they are used and stored properly Size of each sheet: 12cm(L) x 6cm(W) Free gift : 1 pc of Nail stickers for sample try 2pc of sample Airbrush Stencils for sample try!! (Random style)
  • The pattern will then appear on the surface! Perfectly designed for making popular patterns on nails / models / figures / etc


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