Shimano SH56 MTB SPD cleats multi-release Brass

  • They still give a solid fixing to the pedal allowing the rider to pull and push and so getting more power and more control through the pedal stroke
  • They designed to be very easy to clip in and out of to and can be released by sideways movement and hard upwards movement
  • SH56 MTB SPD cleats multi-release The cleats sit recessed in the sole of the shoe allowing the rider to walk around which when off road can be important for negotiating obstacles and difficult terrain
  • We do recomend for those who want to ride off road on more demanding trails that you use the single release cleats
  • They are ideal for those who do not ride very much and so dont want to be securely fastened in the pedal
  • The Shimano SPD pedal systems have become so popular that the term SPD is now widely used to describe an MTB pedal system, even if Shimano are not the manufacturers.


Product Description

  • SPD multi-release cleats
  • Allow your show to be disengaged by rolling or twisting the foot in any direction
  • The cleat will even release with sufficiently hard (and considerable) upward force, minimising the risk of toppling over with both feet still clipped in
  • Designed to work with all open design pedals

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