Sidi Five CC Road Shoes - Black

  • Sidi Five CC Road ShoesSleek lines and classic looks in the Sidi Five catch your eye, and Sidi's high tech materials and hand made Italian design and construction mean these shoes deliver greater comfort and performance on long rides, which is why they are used by many pro riders. As with all Sidi shoes, all small parts are replaceable so the useful lifespan of the shoe is far longer than other brands.Carbon Composite Sole: Stiff and light weight for ultra-efficient power transfer trough the body of the shoe and thinner in the toe section to allow a degree of flex to reduce the adverse effect on bloodflow and thus enhance comfort over a long distance. Perfect for maintaining performance during long road races, sportives and epic club runs. The carbon itself is a composite injected into a high grade Nylon matrix that will not absorb moisture or lose rigidity with age of adverse conditions.Soft Instep 2 Closure: Sidi's original wide, anatomic strap has been reduced in width but coupled to a soft, padded backing fabric to increase comfort and apply a more even pressure.Caliper Buckle: Micrometric adjustment when the shoe is on and fastened, so you can make small adjustments to tighten or loosen the shoe as you ride.Velcro Security System: Very high quality hook and loop closure with carefully crafted interlocking polymer teeth so that there can be no movement of the straps when they are closedReplaceable Heel Cup: As with the buckles and small mechanical parts, the heel cup is also replaceable, so as it inevitably becomes worn over time it can be renewed and your shoes lives on.

Product Description

  • Sidi Pro Level Road Shoes

  • Carbon Composite Sole

  • Soft instep 2 Closure System

  • Caliper Buckle

  • Velcro Security System

  • Replaceable Heel Cup

  • Replaceable Buckles and Mechanisms

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